522 Women, Girls Sexually Assaulted in 2023 in Karachi

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522 Women, Girls Sexually Assaulted in 2023 in Karachi

A comprehensive report on the violence in Karachi throughout 2023 has surfaced, indicating concerning statistics and trends, particularly regarding assaults and fatalities. Here are the highlights:

  • Sexual Assaults: Over 500 women and underage girls were victims of sexual assault, marking a distressing reality of violence against women in the city.
  • Physical Assault Cases: The police surgeon reported 4,042 instances of physical assault, portraying the grim state of personal safety.
  • Gunshot Fatalities and Injuries: The Edhi Foundation documented 714 gunshot fatalities and 3,022 bullet injuries, representing a staggering 15% increase in violent deaths compared to the previous year.

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The data, encompassing incidents from major hospitals in Karachi, painted a bleak picture of various causes of fatalities:

  • Diverse Causes of Death: Instances of torture, accidents, suicides, and drownings contributed significantly to the recorded fatalities.
  • Infanticide and Road Accidents: The records highlighted incidents of infanticide and road accidents, with a notable number of victims being motorcyclists.

Amid this surge in violence, specific statistics revealed a distressing reality:

  • Sexual Assault Cases: A staggering 522 cases of sexual assault against women and young girls were reported.
  • Exhumations: Judicial authorities ordered 22 exhumations in 2023, pointing to distressing aspects of violence in the city.

Sindh’s law enforcement agencies, notably the police and Rangers, reported encounters with criminals:

  • Operations and Arrests: These encounters resulted in casualties and arrests, particularly targeting terrorists, kidnappers, and criminal gangs.
  • Reducing Water Theft: Joint operations contributed to a reduction in water theft and an increase in revenue for the Karachi Water & Sewerage Board.

The report sheds light on the distressing prevalence of violence and the challenges faced in curbing crime in Karachi.

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