The Power of Forgiveness: Allah’s Path to Healing and Redemption

Forgiveness is a precious and transformative conception in the history of mortal culture and religion. It's a subject that transcends borders and holds a special place in mortal knowledge. In this composition, we explore the new and deeply religious nature of remission, exploring its universal nature, sacred significance, and capability to heal and save the world. There's conflict and injustice.

Saghar Saddique:The Poet of Hearts

Saghar Sadiq's father had rejected Saqib's love interest, stating that they were from a prestigious family and couldn't accept a daughter-in-law from a modest background. Frustrated, Saghar married the girl in a remote district of Hafizabad, Punjab, but the marriage didn't lead to success.

Integrating Islamic Principles into Recycling Initiatives for Enhancing the Well-being of Senior Citizens

Abstract: In this article, we will introduce the innovative concept of “recycling senior citizens” with the aim of improving the quality of life and well-being of older people. Combining compassion, respect for older people, social solidarity and lifelong learning with an Islamic point of view, recycling initiatives can bring harmony and sustainability to the support of older people within Muslim communities.

Sehrosh Mustajab Foundation: Supporting Transgender Community and Social Awareness

SMF stands for Sehrosh Mustajab Foundation, a registered welfare NGO founded in March 2021 by Miss Sehrosh, a graduate from Quaid E Azam University. The Sehrosh Mustajab Foundation is dedicated to assisting the transgender community and raising awareness of various social issues. Their primary goal is to create a safe and supportive environment for transgender individuals, helping them achieve independence and contributing to a more just and equitable society. The foundation is a strong advocate for diversity, respect, and equal opportunities for all individuals through various outreach and advocacy campaigns. Their mission is focused on enhancing the lives of the transgender community and society as a whole through collaboration and inclusion.

A Traveler’s Tale: Navigating Chaos at Islamabad International Airport

Traveling is meant to be an adventure, an exciting journey to new places. But when mishaps at the airport start piling up, your dream trip can quickly turn into a real-life drama. Let me paint a picture for you: I was just a student, getting ready to fly abroad for my higher education. Like any other traveler, I meticulously packed my bag, ensuring it tipped the scales at a mere 30 kilograms – the weight limit. Little did I know that the Islamabad International Airport had a chaotic surprise waiting for me.

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