6 reasons why Parasite is one of the best films of this decade

Web DeskSeptember 21, 2023

1) The Complex Tone

“Parasite” was described as a “magic trick” by David Ehrlich of Indiewire, and it is an accurate description. With comedy, suspense, and even horror all crammed into one sequence, the movie ought to feel bloated and overdone. But somehow, everything comes into clear focus. Just like Kim Ki-taek’s family is a loving family struggling to survive in a harsh world, this is a lighthearted movie portraying a serious narrative. The wealthy, as Chung-sook notes, may afford to be kind and oblivious, but the majority of people cannot afford to do so. The story’s central balancing act, which explores the uncertainty of what makes people good or bad, is what makes the movie so stimulating and entertaining.

2) It’s Quite Funny

Despite the dramatic suspense and heartbreaking scenes, “Parasite” also contains many instances of belly-laugh humor. And these giggles are never forced; the movie doesn’t contain any slapstick actions or outrageous jokes (the comedic equivalent of jump scares!). The hilarity organically arises, frequently at the expense of Parks’ ignorance and through Ki-woo and his family’s increasingly outrageous schemes. Even the most depressing scenes have surprising humorous timing thanks to the line delivery and directing. The comedy lightens the mood without detracting from it or even worsening it—it is dark (considering the subject matter), but never truly gallows humor.

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3) It Has a lot to Say

The gap between classes is one of “Parasite”‘s most recurrent topics. Everything from the sets to how each family reacts to a single downpour shows how different the worlds of the two families are. The disparity between the Parks and Kims is stark and tragic, even in the many hilarious situations in the movie. Mr. Park repeatedly emphasizes that despite the closeness across classes, there are some lines that should not be broken, bringing up these divisions openly on a number of occasions. He is unaware of just how far they have already been compromised. It’s a film made with the intention of causing viewers to reconsider their place in it.

4) The Appealing characters

The rich Parks and the destitute Kims are two extremely different families that are introduced in “Parasite’s” opening act. Mr. Park is a businessman, Mrs. Park is a happy housewife, and their kids have everything they need. In contrast, Kim Ki-taek and his wife Chung-sook, along with their two adult children, reside in a modest semi-basement. They constantly lack employment, struggle to make ends meet, and long for a better life. Therefore, it’s simple to support Kim Ki-taek’s family. Still, heroes and villains aren’t always obvious. The Kims are swindlers, but because the odds are stacked against them, they must do whatever it takes to survive. The Parks are good people who are unaware of the cruel world around them.

5) The Marvelous Script

Even with outstanding acting and directing, bad dialogue may ruin a movie. Fortunately, Bong Joon-ho not only created the story and co-wrote the screenplay for “Parasite,” but he also directed and co-produced the movie. Bong Joon-ho was able to draw inspiration from his prior work as a tutor for a wealthy family’s youngster. The core idea for the film was actually conceived all those years ago, so the plot has been quietly simmering for a while. Every family’s dynamic feels genuine, and no dialogue seems to be wasted as it moves the plot closer to its devastating end.

6) The Numerous Turns & Twists

The suspense movie “Parasite” keeps you guessing, like it should. In addition to upsetting expectations by having the audience anticipate one thing but receiving another, it frequently completely switches genres. Amazingly, nothing feels out of the ordinary. Rarely does a film successfully go from comedy to suspense to human drama to horror and back! We agree that the best approach is to go into this movie knowing as little as you can. You’ll undoubtedly get a lot more, though, no matter what you’re looking for.

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