Aagha Ali Reveals Fiancés Advising Female Actors Against Working with Him

Web DeskJanuary 11, 2024
Aagha Ali Reveals Fiancés Advising Female Actors Against Working with Him

Pakistani actor Aagha Ali recently disclosed challenges he has faced in his work life, revealing that some female actors were not allowed to work with him due to objections from their fiancés.

Speaking on Geo News program “Hasna Mana Hai,” Aagha shared that there were instances in 2016-2017 when producers inquired if he had issues with specific actresses, as their fiancés were reluctant to let them work with him. Aagha clarified that he had never even met some of these actresses or had conflicts with their fiancés.

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The 38-year-old actor recounted a conversation with a producer who informed him that one actor’s fiancé had expressed fear and prohibited her from working with him. Aagha revealed that he even spoke to two fiancés and a boyfriend of actors who had forbidden them to work with him.

During the show, Aagha mentioned an incident when actor Humayun Saeed asked him about the challenges he faced with fiancés not allowing their partners to work with him. Aagha responded that if his presence caused issues in the production, he was willing to step back.

Reflecting on his situation, Aagha shared that people might perceive him based on the characters he portrays, as he doesn’t have an extensive social life.

Additionally, Aagha disclosed that he faced a ban from working in Lahore a few years ago after responding harshly to a producer. The producer subsequently dropped him from a project he had already signed. Following the ban, Aagha decided to move to Karachi based on a friend’s advice.

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