Action Taken to Address Long Delays in Passport Printing

Web DeskNovember 19, 2023
Action Taken to Address Long Delays in Passport Printing

The Federal Ombudsman, Ejaz Ahmed Qureshi, has taken notice of a substantial number of complaints lodged against the passport office, citing unjustified delays in passport printing. The Federal Ombudsman serves as the designated channel for addressing grievances against government organizations.

In response to the complaints, the Federal Ombudsman has instituted an inspection team, led by a senior advisor, to investigate the reported delays at the Directorate General of Passport office. The team’s primary objectives include identifying the causes behind the delays and proposing corrective measures.

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The inspection team will not only scrutinize the internal processes but also interact with complainants directly. Engaging with individuals who filed complaints will provide valuable insights into their concerns. Moreover, discussions will be held with the administration of the Directorate General of Passport to comprehend the steps being taken to address public grievances and improve efficiency.

Complainants have highlighted significant challenges, even in cases involving passport renewal and expedited processing fees. It has been reported that approximately 400,000 passports are currently awaiting processing within the directorate.

Recent reports have also indicated that the Directorate General of Passport continues to grapple with the aftermath of a lamination paper shortage. Despite acquiring the necessary lamination paper, the backlog in passport processing persists. This backlog has led to an extension of passport delivery times by up to three months in major cities across Pakistan. The intervention by the Federal Ombudsman aims to address these issues and enhance the overall efficiency of passport services.

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