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Adnan Malik Honors His Close Companion, Describing Her as a ‘Fearless Leader and Forward Thinker’ Khadijah Shah

Adnan Malik Honors His Close Companion, Describing Her as a 'Fearless Leader and Forward Thinker' Khadijah Shah

Actor Adnan Malik recently graced a vintage, romantic campaign for Élan, citing his close friendship with designer Khadijah Shah as the driving force behind his participation.


In a heartfelt Instagram post accompanying the campaign video, Malik revealed that Shah’s recent ordeal deeply impacted him. Shah, the creative force behind Élan, had been detained as a political prisoner for over nine months following the May 9 riots. Incarcerated on charges of vandalism and rioting, Shah was granted bail in December 2023.

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Moved by his friend’s resilience, Malik eagerly accepted Shah’s invitation to feature in Élan’s campaign, expressing his unwavering trust in her artistic vision and his desire to reconnect with her on a personal level. Despite the shoot being a delightful experience, Malik emphasized that the most fulfilling aspect was the opportunity to engage in heartfelt conversations with Shah post-shoot.

Reflecting on Shah’s unwavering commitment to her principles during her time in prison, Malik praised her steadfastness and resilience in the face of adversity. He marveled at her refusal to compromise on her values despite the challenging circumstances and admired her unwavering conviction and compassionate heart.

Directed by Naveed Amjad, the campaign video stars Mushk Kaleem alongside Malik, capturing the essence of vintage romance while paying homage to Shah’s indomitable spirit and artistic vision.