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Affiliates of TTP Linked to ‘Murder’ of Dolphin Force Official

Affiliates of TTP Linked to 'Murder' of Dolphin Force Official

The recent encounter on Murree Road in Rawalpindi, which resulted in the death of a Dolphin Force official and injuries to another, has been linked to a terror group affiliated with the banned Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP). However, the individuals involved were neither foot soldiers nor commanders of the TTP, according to sources.

Following the encounter, the police have transferred two suspects to the Counter Terrorism Department (CTD), along with confiscated items such as a mobile phone, photographs, an arms license copy, and medical records from a private hospital on Peshawar Road. The car used by the suspects has also been handed over to the CTD for further investigation.

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In response to the treatment provided to one of the suspects at a private hospital in Tank, the police have written to the Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC) to take action against the hospital, doctor, and medical staff involved. It is believed that the group had come under the radar of intelligence agencies and were returning to Tank after seeking treatment when they encountered the Dolphin Force squad.

While two suspects, including one injured, have been apprehended, efforts are underway to locate the remaining two, including the group leader. The suspects were armed with 30-bore pistols, with one of them using such a weapon to fatally shoot the Dolphin Force official.

Although the arrested suspects were initially unidentified, their identities have now been established. The recovered mobile phone is expected to provide valuable clues to investigators regarding the group’s activities and connections.