Ahmad Ali Butt on Adopting ‘Gunjal’ Persona and His Comedy Journey

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Ahmad Ali Butt on Adopting 'Gunjal' Persona and His Comedy Journey

Ahmed Ali Akbar and Ahmad Ali Butt, both featured in the recent film “Gunjal,” appeared on the Talk Talk Show hosted by Hassan Choudary. As Butt fielded questions, Choudary praised him for his fit appearance, to which Butt humorously remarked on the investments required for fitness, including a good doctor and nutritionist. He shared that achieving his current physique took about two to two-and-a-half years.

Discussing his role in “Gunjal,” Butt highlighted playing a grey character, a politician who is also a businessman in the film. He acknowledged the challenge of portraying such a role and commended director Shoaib Sultan’s thorough preparation, making the actor’s job easier.

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Choudary delved into Butt’s penchant for big-budget films and his ability to connect with a specific audience. Butt explained the importance of staying out of one’s comfort zone as an actor. He emphasized that being pigeonholed based on the genre of roles is a common occurrence in the industry.

Regarding his role in “Gunjal,” Butt mentioned that the film chose him, considering it a stroke of good fortune to work alongside esteemed names like Resham, Amna Ilyas, and Ahmed Ali Akbar. Akbar expressed his admiration for Butt, calling him a hero, and the two shared positive sentiments about their collaboration.

In a rapid-fire Q&A session, Akbar playfully chose Butt as someone he’d like to have dance at his

wedding. Butt attributed various qualities to fellow actors in a light-hearted manner, injecting humor into the conversation. When asked about one thing he possesses that other actors don’t, Butt humorously replied with “Ahmad Ali Butt’s half-name.”

Transitioning to a more reflective tone, Butt shared personal insights, expressing a desire to learn to say no and acknowledging his insecurities. He also discussed aspects of his married life, admitting disagreements with his wife over spending time at home.

In another interview with Vasay Chaudhry, the cast of “Gunjal” touched on diverse topics. Ahmed Ali Akbar clarified his positive stance on marriage despite his character’s view in “Idiot.” Amna jokingly mentioned rumors about a proposal coming her way, and Resham emphasized the importance of maintaining mental well-being over rushing into marriage, citing concerns based on observations of failed marriages among friends.

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