Ahmed Ali Akbar values Privacy and prefers his Work to Speak for itself

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Ahmed Ali Akbar values Privacy and prefers his Work to Speak for itself

Ahmed Ali Akbar and Ahmad Ali Butt recently appeared on the Talk Talk Show with host Hassan Choudary. Akbar, known for his enigmatic persona, addressed questions about his avoidance of media interactions, emphasizing his preference for keeping his private life private while letting his work speak for itself.

When questioned about handling fame despite being a private person, Akbar humorously mentioned being recognized even in a mask and shades. He expressed feeling “blessed” and having “no complaints whatsoever,” welcoming both appreciation and criticism from people.

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The conversation touched on Akbar’s diverse interests, including sports and music. Choudary highlighted Akbar’s participation in a band and his singing stint for several years. Akbar, acknowledged for his talents in theatre and dance, revealed that if given a choice, he would pursue music, considering it soul-rewarding.

Discussing the recent project “Parizaad,” Akbar explained the personal impact of the character, mentioning the need to “shed” it after the show. He shared insights into the character’s resonance with his own experiences and how portraying Parizaad became metaphysical for him.

Regarding his film “Gunjal,” Akbar highlighted his preference for sincere work and expressed enthusiasm for the unique script. He emphasized the film’s release date of December 15 and praised the exceptional cast, including surprising performances from Resham and Ahmad Ali Butt.

In summary, Akbar touched on his multifaceted career, the profound influence of his roles, and the sincere approach he takes towards his work, emphasizing the importance of authenticity in the projects he chooses.

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