AI gonna replace programmers in future ?

Web DeskJuly 8, 2023
AI gonna replace programmers in future ?

During his interview, Stability AI CEO Mostaque also stated that by the end of next year, users will be able to utilise ChatGPT on their cellphones without needing internet access.

With the present pace of work in the AI business, predicting how the technology will effect our future is tough. However, Emad Mostaque, the CEO of another AI business, ‘Stability AI,’ has shed light on the subject.

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‘There will be no programmers in the next five years,’ stated the 40-year-old CEO, implying that AI would become so powerful and fast that it will basically replace the need for any human programmer, and businesses will opt to use AI because it is much faster and less expensive.

Mostaque spoke on the current status of AI while also making predictions regarding the technology, noting that the “future for humans doesn’t look too bright” in an episode titled “Why AI Matters And How To Deal With The Coming Change.”

Mostaque then went on to cite various evidences for his forecast, including that AI now generates over 41% of all code on GitHub, and that it took just over three months for AI to overtake Bitcoin and Ethereum in GitHub.

The CEO of Stability AI also predicted that by the end of next year, consumers will have an offline version of ChatGPT on their mobile phone devices, allowing them to harness the benefits of AI without even needing to connect to the internet.

Stability AI, a major visual arts firm that produces artificial intelligence solutions, was founded in August 2022 and is valued at roughly $1 billion.






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