Al-Shifa Trust’s Ramadan Campaign and Contributions Towards Healthcare

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Al-Shifa Trust's Ramadan Campaign and Contributions Towards Healthcare

A concerning revelation surfaced from a study conducted by the Global Burden Disease in 2017: approximately 21.78 million individuals in Pakistan were grappling with blindness and vision impairment.

Today, it is almost certain that this figure has surged significantly. Beyond the loss of admiring nature’s beauty lies a deeper impact for those enduring vision loss – the inability to witness the joy on their loved ones’ faces and the challenge of performing daily tasks unaided.

What’s happening this Ramadan?

Amidst the above backdrop, a partnership has emerged between Cheezious Pakistan and Al-Shifa Trust for the upcoming sacred month of Ramadan, aimed at raising awareness on the paramount importance of regular eye screenings. This union marks a significant stride in democratizing access to premium eye care, administered by dedicated specialists committed to extending exceptional treatment to individuals who might otherwise lack resources for such services.

Throughout Ramadan, the delectable food brand has pledged a meaningful portion of each sale to bolster Al-Shifa Trust Eye Hospital’s endeavors. This commitment was formalized through an MoU inked by Trust’s Executive Director, Brig (Retd) Rizwan Ullah Asghar, and Manager of Resource Generation and Communication, Suman Hammad, in conjunction with Cheezious’ Executive Director Umer Farooq, and Brand Marketing Manager Muhammad Shameel Ushaq.

Notably, Cheezious has pledged a donation of Rs. 50 to Al-Shifa Eye Trust Hospital on every order, irrespective of its value. This initiative has been designed not just to elevate the enjoyment of a delightful meal during Ramadan, but also to engage in charitable acts.

However, Cheezious’ involvement goes beyond monetary contributions; the esteemed food brand has passionately embraced the responsibility of elevating awareness in a manner that has rallied greater support for Al-Shifa Trust’s overarching mission.

Each interaction with Cheezious, whether placing an order or relishing a meal at their outlets, becomes an opportunity to invite customers to participate in Cheezious’ noble pursuit of gathering substantial funds for those reliant on Al-Shifa Trust for an improved quality of life.

What does this Promise?

The commendable efforts of Al-Shifa Trust Eye Hospital have significantly impacted vision care accessibility. Through its robust network and outreach programs, it has successfully brought eye care services closer to remote and underserved populations that were previously devoid of such facilities.

Renowned for delivering top-tier eye care treatment, the hospital maintains a sterling reputation for excellence in diagnosing and treating various eye conditions, ensuring unparalleled care for its patients.

Embracing technological advancements, Al-Shifa Trust Eye Hospital continues to innovate within the realm of eye care, bolstering its capabilities to provide modern and effective treatments to patients in need.

A hallmark achievement lies in the establishment of Asia’s largest children’s eye hospital in Rawalpindi, Pakistan, reflecting the hospital’s commitment to specialized care for children with eye-related issues. This monumental initiative has exponentially expanded the capacity to treat a substantial number of children annually.

Active engagement in community outreach programs and campaigns underscores the Trust’s dedication to raising awareness on eye health. Through education and advocacy for regular eye check-ups and preventive measures, the Trust aims to curb avoidable blindness and vision impairment.

The collaborative efforts, with entities like Cheezious Pakistan, exemplify the Trust’s commitment to engaging in partnerships that broaden access to eye care services and rally support for its mission.

In essence, Al-Shifa Trust Eye Hospital’s contributions transcend mere treatment, encompassing community engagement, technological advancements, specialized care for children, and strategic collaborations. Their vision remains steadfast: ensuring better eye health for all, regardless of their circumstances.

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