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Ali Sethi ‘Running for Election’ in India: Internet Reacts with ‘Ab Ki Baar Sethi Sarkaar’

Ali Sethi 'Running for Election' in India: Internet Reacts with 'Ab Ki Baar Sethi Sarkaar'

Ali Sethi, the celebrated singer, recently amused his fans with a light-hearted post on Instagram, addressing rumors that he had run for elections in India and lost by a significant margin. The speculation began when an eagle-eyed fan discovered a politician who bore a striking resemblance to Ali, prompting the singer to acknowledge his doppelgänger humorously.

The politician, who looks remarkably similar to Ali, had lost votes in an election against India’s third-time Prime Minister, Narendra Modi. With characteristic wit, Ali commented, “Apparently I lost some votes in India,” playfully implying that his lookalike’s electoral defeat had personal consequences for him.

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Ali’s Instagram post included a photo of his lookalike and credited the fan who noticed the uncanny similarity. The post quickly gained traction among his followers, sparking amusement and prompting a slew of humorous comments and comparisons.

One fan joked about potential media misinterpretations, saying, “Careful there. Indian channels might use this post to claim ‘Pakistan’s hand in Indian elections.'” Another fan excitedly inquired, “Now that your Indian citizenship can be proved, when are we having a concert in New Delhi?” In a witty twist on a popular political slogan, an admirer quipped, “Abki baar Sethi sarkar (This time, Sethi’s government).”

This humorous episode comes during a successful period for Ali, who continues to captivate audiences with his musical talent. Despite the political and geographical divides, the incident underscores how digital connections can create unexpected and amusing moments, bringing a touch of levity to his fans’ lives.