Alia Bhatt Exits ‘Ramayana’ Film Role as Sita

Web DeskAugust 24, 2023

Earlier, there were discussions between Alia Bhatt and the production team regarding her involvement in a three-part cinematic adaptation of the epic tale of Ramayana. However, recent reports from Pinkvilla have revealed that Alia has declined the role. The cited reason for her decision is “date issues.” The project stars her husband and fellow Bollywood actor Ranbir Kapoor in the role of Lord Ram.

According to an insider source, Alia was in talks for the portrayal of Goddess Sita, but due to conflicting schedules, the collaboration could not materialize. The ambitious nature of the Ramayana project necessitates extensive preparation, and the workload during pre-production has led to a delay in the shooting schedule, now expected to commence in 2024.

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While Ranbir Kapoor has been confirmed as the male lead in the film, the director Nitesh Tiwari and the film’s producers are still in the process of selecting actors for other pivotal roles. Kannada star Yash, known for his role in the popular film KGF, is currently under consideration and undergoing tests for the character of the antagonist Ravana.

Earlier rumors had circulated suggesting that Yash had opted out of the project. However, an insider clarified that these rumors were unfounded and that Yash was actively engaged in discussions with the filmmakers. He had also successfully passed his initial look test for the role of the villain.

Initially slated to commence filming in December of the current year, there has been a shift in the production timeline for the film. As the first installment of a planned trilogy, the production team is now aiming for a mid-2024 release for this ambitious cinematic endeavor.

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