Alice in Borderland: 8 Reasons Why This Japanese Hit Show Is Worth Your Time

Web DeskSeptember 20, 2023

In the world of captivating television series, “Alice in Borderland” has emerged as a thrilling and thought-provoking gem that’s captivating audiences worldwide. Based on a Japanese manga of the same name, this show offers a unique blend of suspense, philosophy, and social commentary. Here are eight compelling reasons why “Alice in Borderland” is a must-watch:

Edge-of-Your-Seat Thrills: “Alice in Borderland” plunges you into an uncertain reality alongside its lead characters. Each episode introduces a new game with ever-increasing stakes, keeping you on the edge of your seat. The suspense surrounding the type of game and its outcomes is reminiscent of the unpredictability of “Game of Thrones.”

A Modern Wonderland: Drawing inspiration from Lewis Carroll’s “Alice in Wonderland,” the show reimagines the classic tale in a dystopian setting. Arisu, Usagi, and Chishiya embody characters reminiscent of Alice, the White Rabbit, and the Cheshire Cat. It’s a fresh take on a beloved classic.

Reflections on Life and Death: Beyond the action and mind games, “Alice in Borderland” delves deep into existential questions about life and death. It forces viewers to contemplate their own mortality and ethical choices in life-or-death situations, providing a profound and thought-provoking viewing experience.

Introduction to Japanese Cinematography: For many Western viewers, “Alice in Borderland” serves as an introduction to Japanese cinema. Produced by Netflix, it incorporates elements familiar to Western audiences while offering a glimpse into Japanese storytelling and culture.

Girl Power: The show excels in character development, particularly in its second season, where female characters take center stage. Strong, badass, and capable, these women demonstrate empowerment and resilience, challenging gender stereotypes.

Complex Morality: “Alice in Borderland” blurs the line between heroes and villains. As the story progresses, the distinction between the game masters and the protagonists becomes increasingly ambiguous. It raises questions about the justifiability of taking a life to ensure one’s survival, challenging viewers’ perspectives on morality.

No Character Left Behind: Every character in the series is given their moment to shine. While Arisu and Usagi are the main protagonists, the narrative weaves in the backstories and perspectives of secondary characters, making them equally essential to the story’s development.

Satisfying Endings: Unlike many shows that rely on cliffhangers to keep viewers hooked, “Alice in Borderland” offers relatively calm and satisfying season endings. Season 1 leaves you with questions but not frustration, while Season 2 delivers a sense of closure, allowing for a satisfying binge-watching experience.

In conclusion, “Alice in Borderland” offers a captivating blend of suspense, philosophy, and character-driven storytelling that makes it a must-watch for both fans of the original manga and newcomers to Japanese cinema. With its thought-provoking themes and thrilling games, this series is a standout in the world of television entertainment.

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