Alizeh Shah Abused Co-Star Minsa Malik on set

Web DeskAugust 16, 2023
Alizeh Shah Abused Co-Star Minsa Malik on set

Pakistani actress and model Minsa Malik has lodged a formal complaint with law enforcement against well-known actress Alizeh Shah. Malik asserts that Shah was noticeably “high” on the set of a drama series. The incident unfolded while filming was in progress, with Malik actively engaged in a scene. According to Malik, during the shoot, Shah approached her and reportedly threw a marijuana cigarette. In response, Malik moved away and delivered a slap to Shah, who then purportedly exhibited aggressive behavior, using abusive language and tearing her own clothes.

It’s worth noting that this isn’t the first time Alizeh Shah has been associated with drug-related allegations. Several videos depicting her smoking hash and marijuana have circulated online, adding context to the recent incident. Malik emphasized that the chaotic scene was captured by the camera filming the scene, and Alizeh Shah allegedly expressed concern about the video being leaked, as it could tarnish her reputation.

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The reported incident took place on August 15th at 7 p.m. in Islamabad. Following the episode, Malik filed an official First Information Report (FIR) and requested security from the authorities. Malik went on to claim that Alizeh Shah displayed unprofessional conduct from the outset of their collaborative project. Malik attributed this behavior to what she terms “professional jealousy,” suggesting that Shah was projecting her negative feelings onto her co-star.

The accusations leveled by Minsa Malik against Alizeh Shah underscore the challenges and complexities that can arise within the entertainment industry. With the FIR filed and the situation unfolding in the public eye, this incident sheds light on the need for professionalism and ethical conduct in the field of entertainment.

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