Allowing use of Mobile phones in schools

Afshan ShakeelOctober 14, 2023
Allowing use of Mobile phones in schools

Mobile phones are the greatest innovation of modern science, which is not lacking in our lives. They are commonly viewed as an ‘essential requirement’ now a days, and made our living easy and convenient in numerous ways. It provides quick accessibility to all day to day applications. Since mobile phones have become so integral in modern day, schools have also started allowing its usage for students. Mobile phones may have its drawbacks in number of ways regarding student life, likewise it also has a handful of advantages that have put the lives of many students at ease. The students with writing difficulties, instead of having to jot down heaps of work from the board, can effortlessly capture it all through simply click and store it in mobile memory. The recording option can simply record any class lectures, providing the students with accessibility to go over the topic whenever they feel the need to recall.

Internet is undoubtedly the most significant technological advancement of our era, the amount of information available on various topics is unbelievable. Students can benefit from this during lectures, by briefly researching on any subject they desire.

In case of an emergency, be it big or small mobile phone serve as a quick and efficient mean of communication. In times of emergencies like political unrest carrying a personal device is incredibly important, that is why many parents allow their children to carry it around all the time.

Despite all these benefits, giving students permission to carry mobile phones will have its downsides and may lead to unfortunate and unwanted events. On internet when we open different sites for research some side windows automatically get open carrying unwanted and sometimes unethical material that can distract students. Many children have developed the addiction of playing games on mobile phones in this way they waste their precious time. Mobiles in hands means they can communicate with any one any time that can leads to friendship with negative minded people. Students of young ages are not careful enough to take care of these sensitive and expensive devices, they may break or lost their mobile phones. Data stored in mobile phone especially personal pictures, is not safe in case of mobile lost data is not only lost but can also be misused by criminals.

Many school send daily home works, updates and important notices on mobile phones. Sometimes online classes are conducted by schools in case of emergency closure of school due to any political development or epidemic disease. In my opinion if mobile phone usage is unavoidable for students then it should be under strict supervision of teachers at school and parents at home.

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