Alvi Advocates Agricultural Tech to Combat Climate Change

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Alvi Advocates Agricultural Tech to Combat Climate Change

President Dr. Arif Alvi emphasized the importance of adopting modern agricultural technology and effective decision-making to address the climate crisis during the Regional Dialogue 2024 on “Climate Crisis: Shaping South Asia’s Resilience.”

Despite Pakistan’s abundant natural resources, he stressed the need for modernizing agriculture and adopting advanced techniques like spray and drip irrigation. President Alvi expressed concern about the criminal drainage of water in Karachi and highlighted issues like the use of prohibited nets by fishermen, causing loss of marine life. He encouraged the promotion of modern agricultural technology and harnessing solar energy to meet sustainable energy needs.

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The president urged the implementation of the national water policy and related legislation, along with a pricing mechanism, to conserve water resources. Referring to the success in combating COVID-19, he called on Pakistan to set an example for the world.

President Alvi praised the role of think tanks like the Institute of Regional Studies in conducting research and urged them to market their findings for the benefit of policymakers. The Regional Dialogue 2024 brought together ambassadors, policymakers, researchers, and academicians to address critical issues facing South Asia.

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