Amir Mir Emphasizes Pre-Marital Thalassemia Tests for Disease Control

Web DeskDecember 24, 2023
Amir Mir Emphasizes Pre-Marital Thalassemia Tests for Disease Control

Amir Mir, the Information and Culture Minister of Punjab, emphasized the crucial role of thalassemia tests before marriage in controlling the disease among children, advocating against continuous cousin marriages. He shared updates on the progress of introducing a formal law to regulate cousin marriages in Punjab, inspired by Sindh’s initiative.

During his visit to the Sundas Foundation on Saturday, the provincial minister toured the laboratories and received a briefing on the blood transfusion facilities and donation collection mechanisms from President M Yasin. Participating in a Christmas cake-cutting ceremony, Amir Mir distributed gifts to children affected by thalassemia.

In his address to the gathering, Amir Mir expressed his honor in sharing Christmas joy with thalassemia-affected children, acknowledging the challenges faced by both patients and their families. Reflecting on the holiday spirit, he underscored the importance of respecting diverse ideas to eliminate intolerance and violence.

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Amir Mir commended the foundation’s commitment to interfaith harmony, especially in extending support to the Christian community during Christmas. Recognizing the need for timely blood administration, he praised the late Munnu Bhai for establishing the Sundas Foundation, which has provided free blood donations for thalassemia patients for the past 26 years, covering newborns to 45-year-olds.

Highlighting the foundation’s efficient allocation of public donations and the Punjab government’s steadfast support, Amir Mir encouraged philanthropic engagement and urged active participation in such commendable initiatives. The President of Sundas Foundation informed the minister that the organization extends its services to over 10 cities, benefiting more than seven thousand thalassemia patients. These cities include Lahore, Gujranwala, Gujrat, Sialkot, Faisalabad, and Islamabad.

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