Angelina Jolie Accuses Global Leaders of Complicity in Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Web DeskDecember 25, 2023
Angelina Jolie Accuses Global Leaders of Complicity in Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Actress and humanitarian advocate Angelina Jolie has drawn attention to the unequal treatment in justice where certain groups receive it while others are disregarded. Jolie specifically highlighted favoritism persisting “even in the UN.”

In a conversation with Syrian journalist and filmmaker Waad Al Kateab, the Lara Croft star expressed her initial belief in the presence of “good guys” within authoritative bodies when she began her global humanitarian efforts two decades ago. However, her perception was shattered as she discovered the reality, lamenting that human rights often serve as tools for “business interests” rather than genuine concerns. Jolie emphasized how human rights are selectively applied, stating, “For some people, it applies, but for others, it never does. The world functions based on ‘business interests.'”

Formerly a UN goodwill ambassador and later a special envoy until the previous year, Jolie criticized the current state of affairs as “ugly,” expressing her disappointment and distress, particularly as someone who has witnessed war crimes firsthand.

She pointed out the control and exploitation of developing nations, asserting that the pursuit of resources involves a concerning level of manipulation, which she believes is prevalent even within the United Nations, given its ultimate veto power.

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Addressing the recent Israeli military actions against Palestinians, Jolie vehemently condemned Israel’s bombing of Gaza, denouncing the targeting of civilians and urging immediate and stringent action against such violence.

Sharing a poignant image depicting the devastation in Gaza on social media, Jolie condemned the deliberate attacks on a populace with no means of escape, describing Gaza as an open-air prison that is turning into a mass grave.

Jolie highlighted the alarming percentage of innocent children among those killed, emphasizing the systemic punishment and dehumanization faced by millions of Palestinian civilians, a situation she sees as a violation of international law due to the deprivation of food, medicine, and humanitarian aid.

She criticized world leaders for not demanding a humanitarian cease-fire and for obstructing the UN Security Council from imposing one on both parties involved, holding them accountable and complicit in these crimes.

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