Another drug-laden drone has crashed near Lahore.

Web DeskJuly 15, 2023
Another drug-laden drone has crashed near Lahore.

A drone loaded with narcotics worth millions of rupees landed into the fields of Hadiara in Punjab’s capital, Lahore, frightening the local populace.

Following the drone’s accidental descent, residents swiftly notified the authorities. Within the crashed drone, the response team discovered five packets of heroin.

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The police confiscated the drone and the drugs and turned them over to the Anti-Narcotics Force (ANF) for further investigation.

This unusual mode of transportation, which included the deployment of a drone, provides insight into the increasing strategies utilized in drug smuggling.

Drones, once utilized for photography or delivery services, are now being exploited for criminal acts due to their speed and invisibility.

This is not an isolated instance. A similar occurrence occurred only a week ago in Lahore’s Kahna town, when another drone carrying drugs of equivalent value crashed.

These drug smuggling attempts, occurring in such a short period of time, raise major concerns about the scope of these unlawful activities

As of now, no arrests have been made in either case, and police are continuing to examine the circumstances and perpetrators of these smuggling attempts.



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