Apple’s iPhone 15 set to introduce another charging enhancement

Web DeskAugust 19, 2023
Apple's iPhone 15 set to introduce another charging enhancement

Apple is set to reveal the iPhone 15 soon, and the speculated switch from the Lightning port to USB-C could potentially lead to faster charging speeds. Reports suggest certain versions of the upcoming iPhone 15 models may support speeds up to 35W, an improvement from the current iPhone 14 Pro’s 27W cap.

Prominent Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo had predicted this scenario earlier, indicating the company’s supply chain signals a move from Lightning to USB-C by 2023. Kuo suggested this transition could result in faster charging for the iPhone 15 Pro models, likely requiring Apple-certified cables.

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Apple stopped including power adapters with iPhones in 2020 to reduce electronic waste. Therefore, users might be directed to use the 35W dual USB-C charger introduced last year or the 30W USB-C charger for the MacBook Air. It remains uncertain if Apple will introduce a dedicated charger for the iPhone 15.

The iPhone 15 is likely to mark the transition to USB-C charging, driven by the European Union’s December 28, 2024 deadline mandating USB-C adoption for wired charging. A delay could leave Apple with a narrow timeframe. The rumored launch date is September 12th, with Pro and Pro Max versions potentially costing more due to upgrades and featuring slimmer bezels and a switch from stainless steel to a titanium frame.

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