Apple’s Strategies to Ensure iPhone Build Quality

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Apple's Strategies to Ensure iPhone Build Quality

Apple has integrated QR codes onto iPhone screens to enhance production quality and minimize material wastage.

These QR codes are etched onto every screen, allowing Apple to closely scrutinize and assess screen quality provided by suppliers Lens Technology and Biel Crystal. This groundbreaking advancement has purportedly slashed material wastage from 30% to just 10%, as reported by The Information.

The tech giant has made substantial investments in an inventive barcode initiative for its iPhone screens. Two barcodes are now affixed to each screen – one on the inner edge of the bezel and a minuscule 0.2mm barcode in a separate location.

This initiative has substantially curtailed screen defects from 30% to 10%, resulting in significant cost savings for Apple. Moreover, it has afforded Apple superior control over production quality, preventing suppliers from billing for purportedly faulty screens.

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At the outset, Apple encountered difficulties in affixing QR codes to iPhone screens as it led to screen weakening and cracks during drop tests near the code placement area. Nevertheless, they successfully surmounted these challenges by devising innovative scanning techniques and incorporating microscopic lenses to prevent excessively deep etchings in the glass.

The QR codes integrated into iPhone screens serve distinct functions: the smaller one scrutinizes screens that have been reported as defective, while the larger one identifies genuinely faulty displays, providing details about the supplier and potentially narrowing it down to specific production batches.

Both display manufacturers have been implicated in allegations of utilizing forced labor, and Apple has faced criticism for what some perceive as an inadequate response to these claims.


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