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Approval Granted For New Water Supply To Khushab Soda Ash Plant

Approval Granted For New Water Supply To Khushab Soda Ash Plant

Thanks to the Special Investment Facilitation Council’s (SIFC) efforts, the longstanding issue of new water supply for the Soda Ash Plant in Khushab district has been resolved.

The SIFC has approved the allocation of 2.5 cusecs of water from the Mahajir Branch Canal to the Soda Ash Plant. This crucial decision is expected to significantly enhance the local industry, creating numerous job opportunities and boosting Khushab’s economy.

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Sapphire Chemicals, a subsidiary of the Sapphire Group, has established the plant, which will play a vital role in Pakistan’s industrial sector. Soda ash, essential for manufacturing glass, detergents, and various chemicals, will now be produced more efficiently, meeting both local and international demands.

The facilitation by SIFC has reinvigorated confidence among local investors and has opened new avenues for public-private partnerships. The completion of this project marks a significant milestone in Pakistan’s industrial development, attracting foreign investment and supporting the local community through job creation.