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Armed Robbers Target Mosque in Karachi: Video Emerges

Armed Robbers Target Mosque in Karachi: Video Emerges

Robbers in Karachi have escalated their criminal activities by targeting mosques, adding to the woes of citizens already grappling with street and home robberies.

In a recent disturbing incident, three worshippers fell victim to robbery inside a mosque located in Karachi’s Karimabad area. CCTV footage captured the harrowing scene of an armed individual entering the mosque and forcibly taking mobile phones and cash from the worshippers.

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Among the victims was Turab Zaidi, a father of three children and the sole son of his parents. Tragically, Zaidi met his demise shortly after withdrawing money from an ATM, according to the police.

The frequency of such incidents has intensified during the holy month of Ramadan, with nearly two dozen individuals losing their lives in similar robberies. A concerning report reveals that this year alone, 56 citizens have lost their lives while over 200 have sustained injuries due to such criminal activities.