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Armed Student Shot and Neutralized Outside Wisconsin School

Armed Student Shot and Neutralized Outside Wisconsin School

Police shot and killed a student outside a middle school in Wisconsin on Wednesday following a report of someone with a weapon, announced the state’s attorney general in the first briefing on the incident. The gunshots prompted an extensive lockdown of local schools, with children fleeing in panic. The active shooter, who did not enter the building, was “neutralized” outside Mount Horeb Middle School, according to authorities. State Attorney General Josh Kaul stated on Wednesday night that there were no injuries and that the investigation was ongoing.

“The incident occurred outdoors. The individual in this case did not gain entry,” he said. The student, identified only as a juvenile male, attended a school in the Mount Horeb district, although specifics were withheld by authorities. Kaul declined to comment on whether the student fired a weapon, the type of weapon carried, or if there was an attempt to enter the school. Several Mount Horeb officers discharged weapons while wearing body cameras, but details on the number were not provided.

After the shooting, police remained at the scene for hours, keeping students indoors until late afternoon before gradually releasing them to their families. Parents and frightened children endured a tense wait. Stories emerged of kids hiding in closets and fearing to use their phones. One middle school student recalled fleeing the gym on in-line skates.

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All district schools were placed on lockdown, with the district’s initial Facebook post at 11:30 am reporting the incident. Mount Horeb authorities stated that the “alleged assailant” was the only person injured, though witnesses reported gunfire and children fleeing.

Police tape surrounded the middle school, adjacent high school, and playing fields, with buses lined up outside. A statement around noon confirmed, “An initial search of the middle school has not yielded additional suspects. As importantly, we have no reports of individuals being harmed, with the exception of the alleged assailant.” Earlier, the district announced the “threat has been neutralized outside of the building,” situated roughly 25 miles west of Madison, the state capital. Twelve-year-old Max Kelly recalled hearing gunshots during an in-line skating class and fleeing with his class to a nearby convenience store. Reunited with his family, Kelly’s mother expressed concern, stating, “I don’t think anywhere is safe anymore.”

Mount Horeb police initially provided no information in the immediate aftermath of the incident. Superintendent Steve Salerno credited recent security upgrades for averting a more significant tragedy. He emphasized the importance of students promptly reporting suspicious activity to staff. “It’s an experience that you just pray to God every day that you just don’t ever have to enter into,” Salerno said. Mount Horeb, home to 7,600 residents, is also known as the “troll capital of the world” due to its numerous troll sculptures.