Arms license In Pakistan online Complete Process

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Arms license In Pakistan online Complete Process

The issuance of arms licenses in Pakistan is a process governed by the Arms Ordinance of 1965, undergoing significant digitization measures in recent times.

The Interior Ministry stands as the principal authority overseeing the regulation and issuance of arms and ammunition nationwide. Collaborative efforts between NADRA and regional interior departments have streamlined the licensing procedure, despite NADRA not holding the authority to issue licenses directly. Instead, it provides instrumental support in facilitating the government’s process for issuing new licenses, aiding in both renewal and obtaining new permits. However, the Computerized Arms License System (CALS) has faced criticism for its time-consuming nature, often spanning several months for completion.

For residents in Punjab, the country’s most populous region, the application form for an arms license can be acquired from the local district coordination officer or through a downloadable link.

Download here:

The steps to obtain an arms license involve:

Accurate completion of the Arms License Form. Attachment of a valid CNIC copy. Verification from the local Police Station, DSP, and SP regarding the filled form. Presentation before the Deputy Commissioner with the CNIC copy. The Deputy Commissioner’s decision on the issuance based on the form. Affixing tickets worth Rs2000 for the Arms License Form. Submission of the form at the DC Office. Upon issuance, the arm can be purchased from an authorized dealer. Annual renewals must be conducted at the post office, accompanied by the requisite fee.

Eligibility for an arms license extends to all citizens devoid of criminal records or mental health concerns.

Online applications for an Arms License are accessible to all Pakistani citizens through the provided link. The necessary requirements encompass the Weapon License Application Form, a copy of the ID/CNIC card, two recent passport-size photographs, a copy of the NTN Certificate (for taxpayers), and a Certificate of Profession/Services.

These comprehensive procedures and evolving digitization efforts signify Pakistan’s commitment to regulating arms while ensuring accessibility and adherence to stringent eligibility criteria for individuals seeking arms licenses in the country.

 NADRA Fee for arms license

License Type Fee
New Individual License Rs50,000
License Renewal (Individual) Rs5,000
All Pakistan License Rs100,000
Private Institutions/Security Companies Rs50,000
Duplicate Arms License Rs5,000
Arms Dealership (New License) Rs2,000,000
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