Army Chief’s Bold Declaration | Exclusive Talks with Afghan Interim Government, Condemns Religious Terrorism

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General Asim Munir Addresses Historic Jirga, Reaffirms Commitment to Regional Peace and Stability

In a resolute and significant announcement, Pakistan’s Chief of Army Staff, General Asim Munir, declared a steadfast stance against religious terrorism and laid out the groundwork for exclusive negotiations with the Afghan Interim Government. Speaking at the Grand Jirga in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’s Mishran, General Munir emphasized that Pakistan will only engage in talks directly with the Afghan Interim Government, dissociating from groups that have exploited religion for acts of terrorism.

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Flanked by Chiefs and Representatives, General Munir made his presence felt at the Jirga, demonstrating unity with the nation’s martyrs by paying tribute to them at Qala Bala Hisar.

Addressing the assembly, General Munir asserted, “We are waging a Jihad in the name of Allah, and victory will surely be ours. My valiant army and I will fight tirelessly in the war against terrorism until the very last drop of blood.”

Directing his message to the Afghan government, General Munir highlighted the significance of true justice and the principles of Islam. “Acts of kindness deserve reward, but the misuse of religion for terrorism must be answered for,” he declared. “Islam stands for safety and serenity. We will not negotiate with any group that has weaponized religion for destructive purposes. Talks will exclusively take place between Pakistan and the Afghan Interim Government.”

General Munir voiced concerns over the involvement of Afghan citizens in destabilizing regional peace, deeming it a violation of the Doha Peace Agreement. He firmly stated, “Those aiming to disrupt peace are not aligned with us.” Adhering to Pakistani law, he reiterated the role of Afghan refugees in Pakistan.

Paying homage to the nation’s fallen heroes, General Munir underscored the unwavering dedication of Pakistan’s armed forces. “Our army is a testament to faith, righteousness, and Jihad for the sake of Allah. Those who stand against peace do not stand with us. Together, all security agencies and the people of Pakistan form an indomitable force.”

Describing Pakistan as the second state founded on principles after the state of Medina, General Munir emphasized the nation’s resilience. “No external force can undermine Pakistan’s resolve,” he asserted, reaffirming the nation’s unwavering strength.

The Chief of Army Staff’s firm statements at the Grand Jirga have sent a clear signal of Pakistan’s commitment to eradicating religious terrorism and fostering regional harmony through direct negotiations with the Afghan Interim Government.

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