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Arrests Made in Salman Khan Firing Incident

Arrests Made in Salman Khan Firing Incident

The swift action taken by the Mumbai Crime Branch in apprehending the suspects involved in the shooting incident outside Salman Khan’s residence has brought some relief to the ongoing investigation. The suspects, identified as Vicky Gupta and Sagar Pal, were captured in the Bhuj district of Gujarat after fleeing Mumbai following the shooting.

Their arrest is a significant breakthrough in the case, as authorities seek to uncover the motive behind the attack and any potential ties to criminal organizations. The suspects will be brought back to Mumbai for further interrogation and are expected to appear in court to face charges related to the incident.

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The shooting incident, which occurred early in the morning outside Salman’s Galaxy Apartments, sparked concerns and speculation about the safety of the actor and his family. Fortunately, no injuries were reported, and Salman was confirmed to be present at home during the incident.

Reports indicate that the suspects fled the scene on a motorcycle and later abandoned it outside a nearby church before continuing their escape on foot and renting another vehicle. The attack was linked to Anmol Bishnoi, the brother of notorious mobster Lawrence Bishnoi, on social media channels.

In response to the incident, Arbaaz Khan, Salman’s brother, issued a statement dispelling rumors of the attack being a publicity stunt. He emphasized the family’s shock and concern over the incident and reaffirmed their cooperation with the Mumbai police in the ongoing investigation.

As the investigation progresses, authorities are expected to provide further details regarding the suspects and any developments in the case. The cooperation of the Khan family and the efforts of law enforcement agencies are crucial in ensuring the safety and security of all individuals involved.