Arslan Ash Competes in Tekken with Saudi Prince

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Arslan Ash Competes in Tekken with Saudi Prince

Pakistan’s gaming sensation, Arslan Ash, ventured into Saudi Arabia, engaging in Tekken matches with the country’s royal circle and imparting coaching sessions to aspiring gamers.

For the first time in his career, Arslan extended his expertise by coaching a group of young gamers, diversifying his skill set and broadening his impact.

Sharing his journey, the Tekken champion documented his experience across various social media platforms, offering insights into his encounters and interactions.

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In the Tekken World Tour 2023 Global Finals held in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA, Arslan Ash retained his championship title, emerging victorious once again among fierce competition.

Securing the top three spots were Arslan Ash and South Korea’s CBM and ULSAN, showcasing exceptional gameplay and strategic prowess throughout the tournament.

The grand finals witnessed an intense showdown between CBM and Arslan Ash, with the latter displaying unexpected character choices, ultimately clinching victory with a 3-1 score in his favor.

Arslan Ash claimed the coveted grand prize of $50,000, while CBM and ULSAN earned $13,000 and $6,000 respectively, highlighting their remarkable performances on the global stage.

Arslan’s triumph in the EVO Championship last year solidified his legacy as the first player in Tekken’s history to secure four EVO trophies, marking a historic milestone in the realm of fighting game tournaments worldwide.

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