Arslan Ash Displeased with Pakistani Passport

Web DeskSeptember 7, 2023
Arslan Ash Displeased with Pakistani Passport

Arslan Siddique, known as Arslan Ash, has become an icon of excellence in Tekken 7 and a source of inspiration for the Pakistani gaming community.

His remarkable achievements, including four Evo championships and a $500,000 prize at the Nations Cup in South Korea, have placed Pakistan on the global esports map.

Despite his successes, Arslan Ash recently expressed his frustration about holding a Pakistani passport, which currently ranks 100th in the Passport Rankings, trailing behind countries like Yemen and Somalia at 99th place.

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On X, formerly Twitter, he stated, “Sometimes, I really wish I didn’t have a Pakistani passport.”

His statement was rooted in reported challenges such as visa rejections and travel difficulties when representing Pakistan in international gaming competitions.

While some empathized with his struggles and shared their own feelings of hopelessness, others pointed out his successful travels to countries like Japan and South Korea with a Pakistani passport, where he achieved multiple titles.

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