Artificial Rainfall Initiative Halted Due To Unfavorable Weather Conditions

Web DeskJanuary 10, 2024
Artificial Rainfall Initiative Halted Due To Unfavorable Weather Conditions

Punjab will not be experiencing a second round of artificial rainfall as the caretaker government has opted to cancel the operation due to unfavorable weather conditions.

Sources indicate that two aircraft from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) were positioned at Lahore Airport, awaiting approval from the Meteorological Department to proceed with the artificial rainfall mission. Unfortunately, the required authorization was not granted, leading to the cancellation of the initiative and posing a setback to the planned operation.

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It is noteworthy that the provincial government had successfully executed the first-ever artificial rain experiment in December of the previous year. This endeavor resulted in a marginal improvement in the air quality of the provincial capital.

Subsequently, the Punjab government had formulated plans to conduct a second round of artificial rain during the current month. However, due to the absence of suitable weather conditions, the provincial authorities have been compelled to abandon these plans.

Mohsin Naqvi disclosed that the project’s funding was provided by the government of the UAE. Earlier reports had indicated that the provincial government had earmarked Rs. 350 million for the artificial rainfall project, emphasizing its commitment to exploring innovative approaches to address environmental challenges.

The cancellation of the artificial rainfall initiative underscores the significant influence of weather conditions on such projects and highlights the need for precise meteorological considerations for their successful execution. Despite this setback, the provincial government’s past success in implementing the first artificial rain experiment demonstrates a commitment to exploring unconventional methods to improve environmental conditions.

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