Ashura attack took place on 28 December 2009

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Ashura attack took place on 28 December 2009

On the ominous day of December 28, a devastating bomb shattered the tranquility of a Shia procession moving along the Mohammad Ali Jinnah Road in Karachi, Pakistan’s sprawling metropolis. The procession, steeped in tradition, solemnly commemorated the death anniversary of the third Imam and the revered grandson of Muhammad. Tragically, the somber event turned into a scene of horror as a bomber, cunningly blending into the tens of thousands of Shia followers, unleashed chaos from within the walking procession, claiming the lives of 43 innocent people.

Karachi, marred by a history of sectarian violence, witnessed an immediate escalation of tensions. The grieving Shia crowd, gripped by anger and sorrow, directed their fury towards ambulance workers, security forces, and journalists present at the site. The aftermath of the blast unfolded into a citywide crisis, with riots erupting as mourners, overcome by anguish, began to stone ambulances and set cars ablaze.

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Despite the City Government’s plea for a more measured response, the place of the initial incident became a focal point of unrestrained anger. The once serene location was engulfed in flames as the irate crowd set it ablaze. The repercussions reverberated through the city, with approximately 3,000 shops in neighboring markets falling victim to the flames of arson. The unchecked mayhem saw people resorting to looting before reducing the shops to ashes. The aggressive outbursts culminated in the wanton destruction of businesses, resulting in staggering losses that climbed into the billions of rupees.

The events of that harrowing day not only claimed lives but also exposed the deep-seated tensions within Karachi’s diverse community. The aftermath served as a stark reminder of the urgent need for concerted efforts to address the roots of sectarian strife and prevent the recurrence of such tragic incidents in the future.

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