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Asif Labels Afghanistan as a ‘Source of Terror

Asif Labels Afghanistan as a 'Source of Terror

Defense Minister Khawaja Asif reiterated his stance on Wednesday, placing blame on Afghanistan for the ongoing terrorism threat and urging for stricter border controls to mitigate the risk.


In a statement posted on social media, Asif highlighted the urgent need for a fundamental shift in border management, attributing the source of terrorism in Pakistan to Afghanistan. Despite Pakistan’s efforts, he lamented the lack of progress from Kabul in addressing this issue, noting that terrorists continue to operate freely from Afghan territory against Pakistan’s interests.

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These remarks come in the wake of recent attacks, including those on the Gwadar Port Authority complex, a naval base in Turbat, and a suicide attack targeting Chinese workers in Shangla. Asif’s comments echoed the concerns raised during a special security meeting chaired by Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif, which emphasized the existence of terrorist sanctuaries across the border and the need for a regional approach to counter-terrorism.

A viral video clip depicted an Afghan Taliban member assisting Pakistani terrorists based in Afghanistan in planning cross-border attacks on Pakistani troops, underscoring the complexity of the border security challenge. Asif stressed the importance of enforcing international laws and traditions along the Pak-Afghan border to curb terrorist activities and promote neighborly relations.

Pakistan’s recent policy requiring Afghan citizens to possess valid passports and visas for entry, along with a shift towards a unified travel document regime, reflects efforts to enhance border control. However, specific details regarding additional measures for bolstering cross-border security remain unclear.