Asim Azhar’s Artistic Evolution and Latest Release “Chand Mahiya

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Asim Azhar, a well-known name in the Pakistani music industry, has been captivating audiences with his soulful melodies and relatable songs for over a decade. Starting his musical journey at a young age, Asim has grown to become a household name in Pakistan and beyond. His recent release, “Chand Mahiya,” reflects his artistic growth and maturity.

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“Chand Mahiya” is an electropop track that opens with a gentle tune, accompanied by Asim’s soft vocals expressing a sense of disdain and vulnerability. Asim sings about the complexities of love and the internal conflict it brings. While the song may not be a drastic departure from his previous work, it showcases Asim’s evolution as a seasoned artist who confidently explores the realms of romance.

Despite spending a decade in the music industry, Asim’s music remains fresh and relevant, appealing to both new and longtime listeners. He emphasizes that his primary focus is on creating music that he is passionate about, rather than catering to a specific age group. Asim believes in longevity, self-happiness, and self-satisfaction in his musical journey.

Asim’s songs have always been known for their catchiness and melodic sensitivity. He initially gained recognition on YouTube, covering Western music, and later ventured into Coke Studio, anthems, OSTs, and playback singing. However, his recent releases, including “Chand Mahiya,” “Bulleya,” and “Habibi,” exhibit a more laidback sound, indicating his inclination toward indie music.

In the making of “Chand Mahiya,” Asim utilized his home studio and experimented with new sounds. The song tells the story of a character enjoying freedom, travel, and a carefree lifestyle until love unexpectedly enters his life. The lyrics reflect the bittersweet feeling of love, capturing the beauty and tragedy that come with it.

Asim’s musical journey has taken a significant turn as he recently signed a three-year record deal with Universal Music. This partnership allows him to release new songs and music videos every other month, promising a more consistent and extensive body of work. Asim is also working on his debut EP, which will feature multiple songs.

Reflecting on his independent artist journey in Pakistan, Asim acknowledges the challenges he faced due to the limited outlets for music. He started his career when digital platforms were not as prominent, relying on television and channels for exposure. Despite the limitations, Asim persevered and believes that no one else could save his career but himself.

Asim isn’t the only artist in Pakistan to sign international record deals recently. Several Pakistani artists have gained recognition on a global scale, thanks to platforms like Spotify that have made it easier to share music worldwide. Universal Music’s interest in Pakistani artists reflects the country’s vibrant music scene.

After spending a decade in the music industry, Asim has not only honed his creative skills but also gained valuable insights into life and human nature. He considers his journey a profound learning experience that goes beyond music.

As for his favorite song from his own catalog, Asim confesses that it’s always his latest release. “Chand Mahiya” holds a special place in his heart, showcasing his growth as an artist and his commitment to creating music that resonates with his audience.

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