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Attack in Dera Ghazi Khan Claims Lives of Five Customs Officials

Attack in Dera Ghazi Khan Claims Lives of Five Customs Officials

Unknown assailants tragically martyred five officials of the Directorate of Intelligence & Investigation Customs (Peshawar) in Dera Ismail Khan on Thursday. According to a statement released by the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR), the officials were ambushed by unknown assailants while conducting an Intelligence-Based Operation at Daraban Road, near the village Sagguu in Dera Ismail Khan.

The martyred Intelligence Officers have been identified as Aslam Khan, Havaldar Inayat Ullah Khan, Havaldar Akbar Zaman, Sepoy Iftikhar Alam, and Sepoy Shahab Ali.

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The area targeted for the operation had been under heightened scrutiny by Customs authorities due to its association with militant networks involved in smuggling weapons and vehicles used in attacks in urban centers. The Khorasan Diary reported insights from a senior Customs official, indicating that Customs had intensified efforts to curb smuggling activities in the area prior to the tragic incident.

This attack not only resulted in the loss of brave individuals dedicated to combating smuggling and ensuring public safety but also underscores the ongoing challenges faced by law enforcement agencies in maintaining security and combating organized crime networks. The sacrifice of these officials serves as a stark reminder of the risks faced by those on the front lines of law enforcement efforts.