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Attaullah Tarar Hints at Decreasing Fuel Quota for ‘Elite’ Ministers

Attaullah Tarar Hints at Decreasing Fuel Quota for 'Elite' Ministers

Minister for Information and Broadcasting Attaullah Tarar declared on Sunday that the government would be reducing subsidies for the ‘elite’, suggesting a potential cut in the fuel quota allocated to ministers. This announcement came during a press conference convened at the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz’s (PML-N) Secretariat in Lahore.

Tarar disclosed that Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif had delineated specific objectives for ministers during a recent cabinet session, aimed at meeting the conditions stipulated by the International Monetary Fund (IMF). The Information and Broadcasting Minister stressed that each ministry had received directives concerning both short-term and long-term programs, with the prime minister deciding to assess the performance of every minister over the next five years.

“The attainment of ministry targets will be monitored utilizing state-of-the-art technology. Written instructions detailing the targets have been disseminated to all ministries,” Tarar remarked.

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Drawing attention to the diverse makeup of the cabinet, Tarar observed that it comprised experienced individuals, young talent, seasoned politicians, and technocrats. He outlined various goals set by the government, encompassing the reduction of inflation and unemployment, augmentation of GDP growth, restructuring of loans, and digitalization of the Federal Board of Revenue within the finance ministry.

Tarar underscored the promotion of information technology exports and the nationwide introduction of digital payment options such as PayPal. He emphasized that ministers demonstrating outstanding performance would be acknowledged and commended. Addressing the government’s fiscal strategies, Tarar mentioned the anticipated revenue upsurge from the privatization of Pakistan Airlines. He also clarified that none of the cabinet members received salaries or other perks.

Tarar expressed optimism regarding the stabilization of the rupee’s value and anticipated a further decline in the inflation rate. He tackled the issue of the undocumented economy, stressing plans to integrate it into the tax network. Austerity measures to curb expenditures were also highlighted, with a committee established to furnish a report in the forthcoming days.

Moreover, Tarar provided insights into the targets set for various ministries. For instance, he delineated the tasks assigned to the interior ministry, which included clamping down on illegal weapons, formulating anti-terrorism measures, addressing illegal foreign residents, and combating smuggling.