Australian State Court Records Database Targeted by Hackers

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Australian State Court Records Database Targeted by Hackers

Hackers have breached the court recordings database in Australia’s Victoria state, causing disruptions to the audio-visual in-court technology network, as reported on Tuesday.

According to Louise Anderson, the CEO of Court Services Victoria, recordings of certain court hearings held between November 1 and December 21, 2023, may have been compromised. There is also a possibility that some hearings before November 1 may have been impacted by the breach.

Anderson clarified that the potential access was limited to recordings stored on the network, with no unauthorized entry into other court systems or records, including employee or financial data. She assured that court officials were actively working alongside government cybersecurity experts to address the situation. The affected network has been isolated and disabled to prevent further unauthorized access.

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While the statement did not disclose whether any ransomware demands were made, it emphasized that hearings scheduled for January would proceed, indicating that the necessary security measures were being implemented.

The incident follows a broader trend of state-sponsored cyber groups and hackers intensifying their attacks on critical infrastructure, businesses, and homes in Australia. A government report released in November 2023 highlighted a concerning frequency of cyber attacks, occurring at a rate of one every six minutes.

This breach of the court database follows a similar cyber attack late last year at DP World Australia, a major port operator in the country, which resulted in a three-day suspension of operations. Additionally, Eagers Automotive, a car dealership group, reported a cyber incident affecting its IT systems just last week. The series of cyber incidents underscores the increasing challenges faced by various sectors in Australia in safeguarding their digital infrastructure.

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