Ayesha Omar Considers Leaving Pakistan for Safety Reasons

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Ayesha Omar Considers Leaving Pakistan for Safety Reasons

Pakistan actress Ayesha Omar is contemplating relocating from Pakistan due to the prevailing economic conditions and concerns about the safety of women in the country.

Expressing her feelings during a podcast, she stated, “I don’t feel safe here. I want to stroll on the road, a basic human need for fresh air. I want to ride a bicycle, but why can’t I?” Omar highlighted that the only time women felt comfortable walking outside was during the COVID-19 lockdown. “I experience stress and anxiety in Karachi, and I don’t feel secure, a sentiment shared by many women,” she emphasized.

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According to Omar, men can never truly comprehend the challenges Pakistani women face, emphasizing the constant fear experienced by women in the country. Reflecting on her time in college in Lahore, she noted feeling safer there than in Karachi, even using buses for transportation. When asked about incidents in Karachi, she revealed being mugged twice.

Expressing her lament, Omar disclosed the inability to freely walk in Pakistan without the fear of kidnapping, rape, or theft, stressing the absence of basic human needs such as freedom and safety. “Even within your home, you are not safe. Crime exists in every country, but you can still move about freely. In Pakistan, I can’t even go to a park without facing harassment,” she added.

Despite her concerns, Omar affirmed her love for Pakistan, acknowledging that the country has provided her with everything. She expressed a preference for Pakistan if given the choice to live anywhere globally. Notably, Omar shared that her brother has already relocated abroad, residing in Denmark, and her mother also plans to leave the country.

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