Ayesha Omar Shares Experience of Injurious Road Accident

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Ayesha Omar Shares Experience of Injurious Road Accident

Ayesha Omar recently recounted the harrowing experience of a road accident eight years ago, attributing the incident to the reckless driving of her co-star Azfar Rehman’s driver. In an appearance on Life Green Hai, the Karachi Se Lahore star recalled the events leading up to the accident, highlighting her own lack of responsibility for not wearing a seatbelt at the time.

She described how the driver was speeding despite her warnings to slow down, ultimately resulting in a collision when a truck unexpectedly veered into their lane. Ayesha emphasized her failure to wear a seatbelt during the journey, acknowledging it as a mistake and emphasizing the importance of following traffic rules.

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Despite receiving conflicting reports from doctors over the years, Ayesha is finally scheduled for corrective collarbone surgery. In preparation for the surgery, she has taken measures such as cutting her hair for easier management during recovery. Despite enduring debilitating pain and relying on painkillers, Ayesha expressed gratitude to her doctor and expressed optimism about the healing process.

Reflecting on the journey leading up to the surgery, Ayesha emphasized the importance of addressing the issue promptly to prevent further complications. She urged her fans to keep her in their prayers as she undergoes the surgery and embarks on the path to recovery.

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