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Azaz Syed’s Insightful Report: ISI’s Demand for Zahid Hamid’s Resignation Sparks Controversy During Iranian President’s Visit to Pakistan

Azaz Syed's Insightful Report: ISI's Demand for Zahid Hamid's Resignation Sparks Controversy During Iranian President's Visit to Pakistan

Renowned journalist Azaz Syed, in collaboration with co-host Naureen Janjua, delves into the intriguing dynamics surrounding the recent visit of the Iranian President to Pakistan. In their latest Talkshock episode, Syed sheds light on the alarming details emerging from ISI’s demand for Zahid Hamid’s resignation, creating a stir during the high-profile diplomatic event.

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The video unveils the extraordinary revelations regarding Fawad Asadullah, the current head of IB, adding layers to the unfolding narrative. Moreover, President Zardari’s remarks on the conspicuous absence of military leadership during critical discussions add another dimension to the evolving discourse.

Syed’s incisive analysis and Janjua’s insightful commentary provide viewers with a comprehensive understanding of the complex geopolitical dynamics at play during this significant visit. Stay tuned for more updates and revelations from Azaz Syed’s investigative journalism.

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