Babusar Top Welcomes Winter with Snowfall and closed roads

Web DeskOctober 16, 2023

Babusar Top, a popular destination in the region, has officially entered the winter season as temperatures dipped below freezing. On Monday, the Babusar Top road was temporarily closed to traffic due to the prevailing snowfall, according to reports from Bol News.

In the lower areas of Mansehra, winter announced its presence with rain, while in the upper regions, snowfall turned the landscapes into picturesque winter wonderlands. The mountains in the vicinity of Babusar Top were blanketed with a layer of glistening snow, adding to the natural beauty of the region.

The upper areas of Mansehra, including tourist spots like Sri Haya, Naran Bata, Kundi Lake, Lulu Sir, and Babusar Top, have been experiencing intermittent snowfall. This snowfall, while making the weather colder, has significantly enhanced the visual charm of the valley.

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In Balakot and its surroundings, the rain added to the coolness of the weather, while Babusar Top received more than seven inches of snow, with temperatures falling below the freezing point. The first snowfall of the year has also graced Shogran and Sripaya, where 3 to 4 inches of snow have accumulated so far.

The Pakistan Meteorological Department (PDM) forecasts that the rain and snowfall will persist for the next two days. Tourists are enjoying the stunning scenery in Kaghan Valley, but local authorities have advised caution for those traveling to snowy areas.

Additionally, rain is anticipated across Pakistan until October 17. The capital of Punjab, Lahore, experienced a pleasant change in weather after intermittent rains throughout the night.

The cold winds have further enhanced the coolness in the city, making it a refreshing start to the winter season.

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