Beauty Huda Refuses ‘Blood Money’ of Israel Amidst Gaza Solidarity

Web DeskOctober 16, 2023

In a noteworthy display of commitment to her values, beauty mogul Huda Kattan has not only captivated us with her cosmetic products but also with her fearless advocacy for Gaza.

The visionary founder of Huda Beauty has been using her platform to share eye-opening videos and spread awareness about the ongoing crisis in Gaza, highlighting the human suffering resulting from the conflict involving Israel.

While her efforts to raise awareness have garnered widespread support, they have also led to an exchange on social media that caught the attention of many. A comment by an Israeli woman who threatened to stop purchasing Huda’s products if she continued her pro-Palestine stance prompted a candid response from the beauty mogul.

In response to the comment, Huda Kattan succinctly stated, “I don’t want blood money.”

This direct and uncompromising response resonated with numerous Twitter users who appreciated Huda Kattan’s unwavering stance and her refusal to profit from a situation fraught with conflict and suffering. The response highlighted the emotional and ethical complexity of consumer choices and business principles in a world where personal values can intersect with commerce.

Twitter users were quick to praise Huda Kattan for her principled response, commending her for her unwavering stance on the Gaza issue. In particular, the Israeli commenter’s assertion that people from Gaza have no money was challenged by users who pointed out the importance of empathy and understanding during times of crisis.

Huda Kattan’s bold stance and her commitment to creating positive change through her platform continue to be a source of inspiration for many, showcasing the power of individuals to make a difference and spark important conversations on global issues.


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