Bella Hadid Condemns Israeli Minister’s Remarks on Palestinian Existence

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Bella Hadid Condemns Israeli Minister's Remarks on Palestinian Existence

Bella Hadid, the Palestinian-American supermodel, has once again raised her voice against Israel’s actions in Palestine. She recently shared a video clip on her Instagram Story featuring remarks made by Israeli minister Orit Strook, where he denies the existence of the Palestinian people.

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Bella responded strongly to this claim, asserting the Palestinian heritage evident in her father’s passport and the millions of individuals with Palestinian roots who have suffered from displacement and loss. She criticized the appropriation of generational Palestinian land and the devastation inflicted on Palestinian families.

Bella also shared a video depicting casualties in Syria allegedly caused by Israeli airstrikes, condemning the ongoing violence. This is not the first time Bella has spoken out on the issue; she previously addressed the situation in Gaza and the West Bank, expressing solidarity with Palestinians despite facing threats due to her activism.

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