Ben Affleck Opens Up: What He Hates About His Life

Web DeskJanuary 7, 2024
Ben Affleck Opens Up: What He Hates About His Life

Ben Affleck seems to have a contentious relationship with fame, while Jennifer Lopez allegedly incorporates him into every publicity stunt.

Despite the allure of making headlines, Jennifer Lopez’s husband recently confessed to shunning fame due to its encroachment on his privacy. Animated Times reports that the Batman v. Superman actor expressed his feelings about life as an A-list celebrity, stating, “I’m not built to be famous. I don’t like it, you can keep it.”

Acknowledging some perks of celebrity life, the 53-year-old actor downplayed the value of seemingly trivial benefits such as skipping lines at Disneyland and evading speeding tickets. These perks, he suggested, held little significance for him, the ex-husband of Jennifer Garner.

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In his reflective commentary, Ben Affleck revealed that the primary motivation behind taking on projects was his desire to make a lasting impact on the audience through his acting skills.

This revelation follows insider claims to In Touch Weekly that Jennifer Lopez’s new public antics were putting her marriage with Ben Affleck ‘at risk.’ Allegedly, her promotion of intimate moments with Affleck through social media and constant public displays of affection didn’t sit well with him, leading to discomfort with the intense scrutiny.

A source remarked on the situation, saying, “All the social media posts and constant PDA, it’s already over the top.” The use of their marriage and private moments for album promotion was seen as potentially detrimental to their relationship, with speculations that it might backfire.

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