Best Kids Clothing Brands In Pakistan (Top Kids Wear)

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Let’s look at the best kids clothing brands in Pakistan for 2023. In this article, we’ll share several kids’ apparel companies that are popular in Pakistan. 

If you want that your baby boy and baby princess have a good appearance rather than one that is scruffy. Check out this list of the top children’s clothing brands for outfits for boys and girls.

Every parent wants to provide their children with the best apparel possible, and purchasing a truly excellent piece of children’s clothing evokes strong feelings. 

Let’s rejoice in a life filled with feelings and joy while dressing to the nines. 

Don’t overlook this page to learn everything there is to know about top children’s clothing brands that provide both eastern and western apparel at reasonable prices. 

There are several alternatives available for your child.

List Of Top Kids Clothing Brands In Pakistan

 In Pakistan, there are several popular kids clothing brands known for their quality, style, and variety. Here are some of the top kids clothing brands in Pakistan:

  1. Hopscotch
  2. Bacha party
  3. Mothercare
  4. Mini minors
  5. Pepperland
  6. Cherry berry
  7. Rollover
  8. Junaid jamshaid
  9. Breakout
  10. Diners kids
  11. Leisure club kids
  12. Coco bee kids
  13. Outfitter kids
  14. Laam kids

1. Laam kids

The “Laam Kids” brand is noted for its exquisite young girl’s dresses in natural colours. 

If you ever go to the store’s official website, you will learn that all of the Pakistani traditional outfits for young boys and girls are made in a special way to offer them a taste of this decade. 

However, “Laam Kids” provide a large selection of gowns for the summer, winter, special occasions, and weddings.

2. Hopscotch

It is a well-known children’s clothing company in Pakistan that has 32 outlets around the country’s many cities and provides high-quality children’s clothing at competitive prices.

Hopscotch is an online kids’ clothing brand that offers trendy and affordable clothing options. They have a diverse collection of clothes for both boys and girls.

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3. Bacha Party

Purchase anything from the bachata party brand store at a reasonable cost. Her parents have access to a wide selection of stylish, high-quality children’s apparel.

A company called Bacha Party only sells apparel for kids. They have a large selection of stylish and cosy clothes for infants, toddlers, and young children.

4. Mother Care

Another reputable multinational company is operating in Pakistan to offer the greatest children’s apparel. This apparel company’s brand name encompasses all the goods a mother would require for her kids.  

This brand is well-known worldwide because of its high-quality goods and more than 50 years of operation. Throughout Pakistan’s largest cities, there are more than 13 stores. Take a look around the mother care brand store.

5. Mini Minors

Popular Pakistani clothing company Minnie Minors specializes on clothing for kids. Baby, toddler, and early kid apparel selections from this company are renowned for being fashionable and cosy.

 Boys and girls may choose from a variety of outfits from Minnie Minors, including newborn necessities, shirts, bottoms, skirts, rompers, onesies, pyjamas, winter clothes, and accessories.

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6. Pepperland

Purchase inexpensive items from Pepperland for your 1-4 year old child and your 5 to 14 year old child. 

This business made a strong entry into the world of children’s fashion by offering frocks as well as Pakistani clothing for girls and boys. 

Kids can be decorated with a variety of fashion-related PEPPERLAND goods in addition to the clothes they wear.

7. Cherry Berry

Now you may get name-brand items for less money without sacrificing the items’ quality or style. Cherry-Berry offers the newest styles in line with current trends. 

This brand’s main objective is to promote eastern clothing over western attire. Because of this, Cherryberry has the most eastern outfits available. 

Let’s look at the newest children’s clothing from this business.

8. Rollover

Successful business The Rollover Kids Corporation specialises in apparel for kids. 

Their major objective is to provide stylish children’s apparel that is also reasonably priced while upholding a high quality of pleasure that will endure for a very long time!

9. Junaid jamshaid

Junaid Jamshed (J.) is a popular Pakistani brand that has a dedicated line for children. 

They offer a diverse collection of outfits, including shalwar kameez, dresses, and formal wear, designed specifically for kids.

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10. Breakout

Breakout is a popular children’s clothing line that specialises on western attire. Since 1910, they have provided distinctive, premium textiles for children’s clothing. 

The breakout company’s success story has made it feasible for youngsters to wear the No. 1 brand of apparel. 

They are highly renowned for their kid-friendly designs and high-quality shirts, bottoms, and shoes. Let’s investigate all the top children’s clothes manufacturers in Pakistan.

11. Diners Kids

Its Kids Wear is well-known in the marketplace. “Diners Kids” has a sizable selection of traditional shalwar kameez in a wide variety of colours.  

The top-trending goods for “Diners Kids” include colourful boys’ and girls’ shalwar kameez, frocks, pant shirts, tights, boys’ jackets, and waistcoats.

12. Leisure Club Kids

This company was established in 1997 with an emphasis on children’s clothing. It took one of the main labels ten years after its first introduction to start making children’s apparel. 

They now provide a wide assortment of apparel for toddlers and teens despite previously having a limited collection for youngsters.

13. Coco Bee Kids

The Coco Bee company has produced clothes that are worn by thousands of children every year. 

Since this company is headquartered in Pakistan, it is aware of the best kinds of apparel for children to wear there. 

As a result, this firm always provides an enormous selection of children’s clothing at very incredible costs. 

Another point is that the company consistently offers premium goods with distinctive designs.

14. Outfitter Kids

Being favoured by wealthy people The store “Outfitters Junior” sells upscale apparel. The locations where you can get all styles of kid’s clothing made of top-notch materials. 

Most people like to get festive clothing from “Outfitters Junior” for special events like Eid and Independence Day as well as casual clothing. 

There are outlets for this brand in all of Pakistan’s main cities.


From the foregoing discussion, we have drawn the conclusion that Pakistan has a variety of brands and stores that provide clothing for babies, children between the ages of two and six, and both girls and boys. 

Feel free to visit any of the brand stores listed above to make the next festival special for your child.

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