Best Linen Clothing Brands In Pakistan

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One of the most wearable winter textiles today, linen is a soft and appropriate fabric for the colder months. 

There are two different varieties of linen fabric: one is thick and self-printed, and the other is plain linen fabric

Today, linen suits may even be seen embroidered. These days, embroidery on the bottom and the neckline is increasingly popular. 

The fibres used to make linen, a thin fabric, come from the flax plant. The spring and summer in Pakistan are great for the linen fabric’s lovely fall and breathability. 

In Pakistan’s fashion business, linen is another common fabric used alongside grass and cotton.

List Of Top Linen Clothing Brands In Pakistan

In Pakistan, there are several well-known linen brands that are famous for producing high-quality goods. The following are a few of Pakistan’s top linen manufacturers:

  1. Cross Stitch
  2. Gul ahmed
  3. Alkaram
  4. Sana safinaz
  5. Sapphire
  6. Khadi
  7. Nishat
  8. Limelight
  9. Maria b

1. Cross Stitch

In Pakistan, the linen brand Cross Stitch is well-known and widely used. It is renowned for its cutting-edge designs and gorgeous embroidered materials. 

Unstitched fabric, ready-to-wear clothes, and accessories are just a few of the many linen goods available at Cross Stitch. 

Their patterns frequently include contemporary shapes, vivid colours, and sophisticated embroidered work. 

In Pakistan’s fashion sector, Cross Stitch is well-known and well-liked for its superiority in terms of quality, workmanship, and attention to detail. 

Products from Cross Stitch are available in their authorized stores, online through their website, and on other retail channels.

2. Gul Ahmed

 One of Pakistan’s most prestigious and well-known textile companies is Gul Ahmed. It provides several different materials, including linen.

There are several choices available in Gul Ahmed’s linen collection, including both printed and embroidered linen fabrics. 

Their linen assortment combines classic and modern styles, appealing to a range of interests and preferences.

Products made of linen by Gul Ahmed are renowned for their softness, toughness, and superb craftsmanship. 

Gul Ahmed has a large array of options, whether you’re looking for unstitched fabric to make your own designs or ready-to-wear clothing.

The official Gul Ahmed boutiques, which are spread throughout Pakistan’s major cities, are where you may purchase their line of linens.

3. Alkaram

It is a well-known brand in Pakistan that sells a variety of textile goods, including linen. Alkaram is renowned for its stylish designs and premium textiles. 

They provide a variety of selections to accommodate various events and seasons. They provide printed and embroidered linen outfits in a variety of patterns and colour schemes.

Alkaram releases a unique collection in the winter that features cosy linen textiles.

Alkaram furthermore creates unique holiday collections for events like Eid and nuptials.

These styles frequently feature linen suits with sequins, decorations, and elaborate needlework that are appropriate for formal occasions.

In their pret range, Alkaram also provides ready-to-wear linen suits.

4. Sana Safinaz

Sana Safinaz is a well-established Pakistani clothing brand that also offers a range of linen fabrics. They are known for their elegant and sophisticated designs, combining traditional and modern aesthetics.

5. Sapphire

A well-known Pakistani company called Sapphire sells a variety of materials, including linen.

Printed and embroidered linen textiles are among the possibilities available in Sapphire’s linen range. 

To satisfy individual tastes, they provide a wide variety of styles, hues, and patterns. The quality, suppleness, and longevity of Sapphire’s linen goods are well renowned.

Sapphire offers a variety of options in their linen collection, whether you’re searching for fabric that isn’t sewn so you can make your own patterns or ready-to-wear clothing.

The official Sapphire boutiques spread out around Pakistan carry their linen range.

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6. Khadi

A well-known Pakistani company called Khaadi sells a variety of textiles, including linen.

They have become well-known for their distinctive patterns, handwoven textures, and fusions of conventional and modern styles.

7. Nishat

In Pakistan, Nishat Linen is a well-known and reputable textile brand. Numerous linen goods, including printed and embroidered choices, are available from Nishat Linen. 

The linen range from Nishat Linen is renowned for its high quality, bold colours, and modern designs. To accommodate various likes and preferences, they provide a variety of options in terms of prints, patterns, and styles. 

Nishat Linen offers an extensive assortment of ready-to-wear clothing as well as unstitched fabric.

Through their official website, they also have an online presence where you can browse their most recent collections, place purchases, and have items delivered right to your home.

Customers in Pakistan appreciate Nishat Linen because of its reliable workmanship, cutting-edge patterns, and reasonable prices.

8. Limelight

The LimeLight employs linen in a number of ways to produce stunning collections, whether they are stitched or unstitched gowns. 

You may go through the brand’s selection of kurtis, which start at just Rs 1000, and choose some lovely linen clothing for yourself.

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9. Maria b

Regarding one of Pakistan’s most well-known and prestigious designer labels, Maria B also offers one of the most exquisite linen collections for 2021–2022. 

You can wear three-piece embroidered linen dresses and embroidered women’s shawls to casual winter gatherings and when heading out.


In conclusion, Pakistan is home to a number of well-known linen businesses that provide top-notch goods. 

Sana Safinaz, Alkaram Studio, Sapphire, Gul Ahmed, Khaadi, Nishat Linen, and Cross Stitch are a few of the best linen manufacturers in Pakistan.

These companies are renowned for their high quality, cutting-edge fashions, and broad selection of prints, patterns, and design possibilities. 

They provide both printed and embroidered linen textiles to accommodate various tastes and preferences.

These manufacturers provide a wide variety of options, whether you’re seeking for unstitched fabric to make your own designs or ready-to-wear clothing.

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