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Education in the best schools can change anyone’s life. A child’s foundation begins when they enter school. Schools play an important role in every student’s career.

That’s why all parents want their children to attend the best schools. Pakistan, especially Lahore, has hundreds of the best schools. Lahore is called the city of education. For this reason, the literacy rate of Lahore residents is very high compared to other cities in Pakistan.

Currently, Pakistan’s education system is oriented towards the British education system. To be honest, the British education system is much better than the Pakistani one.

Lahore has many top-tier schools offering standard education. Standard education means quality education. Lahore is one of the cities called the ‘City of Education’ because of its large number of prestigious private and public schools for O-level and intermediate education.

Here is a list of the best schools in Lahore based on standard education, quality school environment, well-maintained and clean buildings, experienced and qualified staff, outdoor facilities, etc.

List Of 15 Top Schools in Lahore

1. Aitchison College

Aitchison College was founded in 1886 as a flagship university. The British established five schools of this kind in northern India, and only children from the richest families were allowed to study. Aitchison covered an area of ​​200 acres.

Aitchison College is a semi-private educational institution. Eligible grades range from 1 to 13 for boarding and day students.

AC offers the highest quality education in Pakistan. Many Pakistani government officials have studied here, including the president and prime minister.

Aitchison University is the number one university in Lahore and all of Pakistan. Aitchison’s education is based solely on her O/A level of study. This university offers some of the best curricular activities and character-building tools.

Aitchison has the largest sports grounds, cafes, indoor games clubs, swimming pools, acrobatic clubs, cricket clubs, and more.

Aitchison College is now a member of the G20 World Schools.


Aitchison college has three sections

  • Junior School
  • Prep School
  • Senior school

Contact Details

Address: Shahrah-e-Quaid-e-Azam, Garhi Shahu

Phone: (042) 36317201

PrincipalMichael Thomson

Admission Process

To enroll at Aitchison College, first, download the application form here. After filling in the necessary information on the application form, please submit it to the bank together with the entrance examination fee. The university will then send you an email asking you to submit all required documents before the exam deadline.

Additionally, if you want to prepare for the entrance exam, please follow all the guidelines on the official Aitchison University website. During the interview, you will be asked some general questions. You can check some of the frequently asked questions about admission.

2. Beacon House School System

Beacon House School was established in 1975 and now Beacon House is one of the best schools in Lahore and Pakistan. With nearly nine chapters worldwide, each city in Pakistan has its own network of Beacon House schools.

Beacon House is a private educational institution in Pakistan that follows the Oxford curriculum largely. BSS is known for the quality of its teaching, additional activities within the curriculum, and the appropriate level of safety measures that parents prefer most.

BSS allows students to significantly improve their social and mental health. Students can improve their English speaking level with BSS.

Contact Details

BSS has many branches in Lahore. Here are some with Google map addresses:

Address: Beaconhouse, Walton Road, near Farooq Colony

Phone: (042) 35929683

Address: 45-1-B-1 Maulana Shaukat Ali Rd, Township Block 1 Sector B 1 Lahore,

Phone: (042) 35122970

Address: 112 Street 113, Garden Block Garden Town

Phone: (042) 35866216

Address: 488, Y، Block, Phase-III Sector Y DHA Phase 3

Phone: (042) 35723150

Admission Process

Visit Beacon house’s official website for Admission information.

3. Lahore Garrison Education System

Lahore Garrison Education System is next in our list of the best schools in Lahore. LGES is a division of the Army’s public school and college system.

LGES was established in 1950 and was under the control of the Pakistan Army. LGES focuses on discipline, quality education, physical activity and leadership.

This school system is based on the GCE International General Accredited Education. LGES has FBISE (Federal Board of Secondary Education), BISE (Board of Secondary Education), FSc, and O/A level studies.

LGES offers education from the basic KG level to the postgraduate level. Lahore Garrison University is a leading university operating under the supervision of the Pakistan Army.

LGES Sections

Lahore education system has six sections

  • Reception School
  • Junior School
  • Middle school
  • High School
  • Senior school
  • Colleges

Contact Details

Address: 9 Link, Falcon Complex, Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan

Phone: (042) 99220570

Admission Process:

LGES publishes public listings in local newspapers and lists relevant social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Job Bee Indeed, etc.

First, you will need to receive the prospectus from LGES to the head office, complete the registration form and submit it to the branch along with the relevant documents.

We then receive the applicant’s test data. After applicants pass the test, LGES will select the best applicants in a test contest. LGES has always restricted seating for all grades according to civilian (40%) and defender (60%) quotas.

4. Lahore Grammar School

Lahore High School is one of the best private schools in Lahore, commonly known as LGS. Lahore Grammar provides primary, primary and secondary education instruction. LGS was invented by him in 1979.

LGS is now affiliated with the Cambridge International Examinations Board to offer both boys and girls education up to her O’ and A’ levels.

LGS provides education in more than 9 of his cities in Pakistan (Lahore, Gujranwala, Karachi, Islamabad, Sialkot, Multan, Faisalabad and Gujrat). The main campus of LGS is located in Lahore City.

The main focus of LGS is the highest level of quality training. LGS offers many extra-curricular activities such as disciplinary associations, debate competitions, in-house competitions and inter-university competitions.

LGS Sections

LGS has four main sections. According to students’ level, every section has its own co-culler activities like annual sports and drama competitions annually.

  • Junior section
  • Middle section
  • Senior section
  • O/A levels

Contact Details

Address136 street 59, block E phase I Sector E defence housing authority

Phone no: (042) 35894306

Admission Process

For admission procedures, please visit the Lahore Grammar School official website.

5. Frobel’s International School

Frobel’s International is a private research institute founded in 1975 through the efforts of Mrs. Sabiha Zamir Khan. The university started with her 10 students and his 4 lecturers and has now upgraded his 8 campuses with a dedicated and experienced staff from Pakistan.

Froebel’s International School is known for its ideal education system. We provide academic, athletic, after-school and social opportunities for thousands of students from 6 weeks to adults aged 18.

In a loving and respectful environment, everyone feels valued and finds diversity in gender, physical or intellectual ability, culture, and background perceived as an advantage.

Froebel’s feat is the end result of a dedicated coaching staff, hardworking college students, corporate guardians, and loyal university staff.

Faculty and mentors aim for a smooth transition to better education and maturity for students, while carefully balancing freedom and control.

Contact details:

Address: Lake City, Service Rd, Pakistan

Phone: +92 432 54 50 602 & +92 432 54 50 603

Address: Froebel’s Building, Ring Road, M Block, DHA Phase 5

Phone: +92 3331487450

Admission Procedure:

If you are interested in enrolling your child in this educational institution, simply visit the official Froebel International website. There you will find a link to register your approval and the approval authority will contact you shortly after registration.

6. Lahore College of Arts and Science (LACAS)

LACAS stands for Lahore College of Arts and Sciences. Established in 1987. In just three months, LACAS was featured in the international daily Dawn as a ‘key to excellence’.

With the foundation’s assistance, Lahore girls will be able to take their A-level exams for the first time, and the foundation will become the leading academic body to provide her A-level training.

We provide students with a stimulating and satisfying environment, encouraging them to realize their greatest interests and potential. The primary focus of LACAS is to provide students with competency-based studies, preparing them for a professional and active world.

A knowledgeable and supportive staff ensures that all students receive a quality education. Her goal is for each student to develop independence to reach the pinnacle of their interests and potential, and to recognize their differences in order to encourage unconventional ideas and thinking for a better future.

As a “unique school of thought and ideas,” LACAS has developed her four competency-based modules that incorporate a diverse workforce with highly qualified faculty, interconnected and in assessments leading to accreditation. We aim to achieve excellent grades.

These modules are:

Entrepreneurship and Innovation Certification Program

Certification Program in Legal Research and Argument Skills

Design skill test system

Electronics, Hardware, and Embedded Technology Certification Program

Contact Details:

Phone: +92-42-35311088

Address: Plot 543, Block G Phase 1 Johar Town, Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan.

Admission process:

For admission to each section go to their official website. Admission forms can be downloaded online and admission data can also be accessed on their official website.

7. American Lycetuff

Founded in 1999 as a small group, American Lycetuff is now recognized as one of the most respected educational organizations. Students are provided with a quality teaching environment supported by well-trained and professional staff, demonstrating the highest quality educational standards offered by the Institute.

The Institute is making a difference through its unique and modern coaching techniques and academics. ALS’ motto is “Sustain to Supreme”.

The main goal is to emphasize the autonomy, potential, vision, unique inspiration, innovation and interest of the students so that they can grow with a strong foundation in the right direction.

To give students strong personalities and to face an aggressive professional society, students focus on the key points of tolerance, regulation, core values, empathy and compassion. Teaching important fundamentals in academic modules and first-hand experience in a variety of experiments using state-of-the-art laboratories and equipment are top priorities at the American Lycetaff School.

Contact detail of head office:

Address:14 Usmani Rd, Block L Model Town, Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan

Contact no: +92 42 35947340-42

E-Mail: structure of American Lycetuff

Admission process:

For admission forms check out their official website.

8. Queen Mary College

Queen Mary College was founded in 1908 as the Victoria May Girls’ High School for the daughters of high society and rulers of the state.

Starting with just 11 students, the institute has now grown to over 7,000 of her students and over 200 of her faculty members providing quality education and unique teaching methods.

The university is known for its well-organized laboratories, huge auditoriums, and library. The Institute consists of her four divisions.

  • Junior area
  • Senior area
  • College department
  • Graduate school area

Our competent and caring staff can foster students’ interests, boost their self-confidence and prepare them for a bright future. They encourage students to have a positive attitude towards life in order to achieve better results in their progress.

Our motto is “simple service”. With the help of our well-trained faculty and motivated students, our institute brings extraordinary benefits to society in all areas, be it sports or academics. With over 100 years of educational excellence, Queen Mary’s College is a highly respected institution.

It serves the purpose of providing a simple education for young people and demonstrates its contribution to the development of expertise in all aspects of society in order to produce useful and better citizens.

Contact Details:

Address: Durand Rd, Muhammad Nagar Garhi Shahu

Phone No: +92-042-36278789

Admission process:

All the information related to admission to any section is fully available on the official website. You can download the prospectus online and can get the admission form from their official website.

9. Future World School

Future World School is one of the best schools in Pakistan aimed at improving schooling, learning and teaching to meet the needs of 21st century children.

The core approach of Future World School is to consider the child’s interests as a learner. The Millennium Education Path guarantees students a joy of learning that lasts in school, college and beyond.

The Cambridge International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) and O Levels is one of the most recognized qualifications in the world and many Cambridge programs and qualifications offer a variety of options between core and advanced exams.

It covers a wide range of qualifications and sets the global standard for international education. Education with emphasis on many subjects.

Millennium Education is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing quality educational services that unlock the potential of learners. At Future World School, the Cambridge IGCSE O Level is designed to be taught as a three-year course.

At the IGCSE level, learners are encouraged to explore a wide range of topics. Many students, especially those with further education, take courses from all her IGCSE-O level groups to follow a broad and balanced curriculum.

IGCSE accreditation provides the foundation for higher level courses such as AS and A Levels, Advanced International Education Diploma, Advanced Placement Program for North America and International Baccalaureate.

The International Qualifications Department at TME Headquarters provides a central assessment framework to ensure consistency and standards for internal and external assessments at his TME locations across the country.

Internal testing is administered over a three-year period and gives learners a choice that includes written, oral, course and practical assessments.

Facilities at The Millennium Education

Some of the facilities provided by future world school include:

  • Research Skills Discovery Space
  • Music & Movement Room
  • Sculpture, Design & Activity Studio Room
  • Nap & Bathroom
  • Indoor Hot & Cold Kids Swimming Pool
  • Gym
  • Purpose-built campus auditorium
  • Dramatics & Performing Arts Room
  • Budding Scientist Room
  • Multi-gym activity center for early years
  • Reggio Emilia Early Learning Center
  • Health & Wellness Space
  • Hot & Nutritious Meal Cafeteria
  • Library & Learning Resource Center
  • Listening & Language Acquisition Room
  • Indoor Gaming Room
  • ICT & E-learning Room

In addition to these 20 individual clubs and societies, students participate in community service projects, social work projects, and internships.

TME Campuses offering IGCSE and O level

10. Army Public School Lahore

APSACS, short for Army Public Schools and Colleges, is a network of educational institutions in Pakistan that aims to provide excellent education to military students at an affordable cost.

One of the most prestigious schools in Pakistan is the Army Public School, which has branches in all five provinces of the country.

This institution caters to both Matric and O Level students, offering a diverse range of opportunities for academic and personal growth.

Along with core subjects, students can benefit from computer lessons, swimming, arts and crafts, sports, theater, elocution, na’at and qirat groups, as well as a journalistic society.

With a total of 168 branches nationwide, APSACS attracts parents due to its expansive campuses, up-to-date curriculum, and highly skilled instructors.

Lahore Garrison Academy, which is affiliated with APSACS, provides separate academy buildings for girls and boys, ensuring a conducive learning environment. It is renowned for its affordable yet high-quality academic programs.

Admission Process:

To enroll in Army Public School Lahore, prospective students can obtain admission forms directly from the principal’s office at the relevant campus. Once the application form is submitted, candidates will undergo an interview and subsequently take an admission test.

11. The City School

The City School is a renowned educational institution in Pakistan that operates a network of schools offering the O-level program.

The school places a strong emphasis on academic excellence and implements a well-structured curriculum. It boasts a highly qualified faculty and modern infrastructure to support effective learning.

Apart from academics, The City School provides a diverse range of extracurricular activities, including sports, music, and drama.

The curriculum at The City School encompasses subjects such as English, Mathematics, Sciences, Social Sciences, Pakistan Studies, Islamiat, and Urdu.

With over 120 courses available, the curriculum is regularly revised and updated to meet educational standards. Additionally, The City School stands out as one of the leading A-level schools in Lahore, featuring state-of-the-art classrooms and an advanced Learning Management System.

To broaden students’ horizons, The City School offers Youth Leadership Programs and Chinese language courses. For detailed information about the fee structure, individuals can visit their nearest branch in person.

Contact Details

Address: FC9W+VQQ, Avenue 6, Sector B DHA Phase 6

Phone: 04237180125

12. The Lahore Lyceum

Lahore Lyceum is a prestigious school in Lahore that provides the O-level program. Established in 1993, it has evolved into one of the top educational institutions in Pakistan. The school boasts a faculty of highly qualified teachers and modern infrastructure.

In addition to its academic focus, Lahore Lyceum promotes student engagement in a wide range of extracurricular activities, such as sports, music, and drama. The curriculum encompasses subjects like English, Mathematics, Sciences, Social Sciences, Pakistan Studies, Islamiat, and Urdu.

Contact Details

Address: 35 B Aziz Ave, Gulberg V, Lahore, Punjab 54000

Phone: 04235717914

13. Bloomfield Hall School

Bloomfield Hall School, located in Lahore, is a renowned educational institution renowned for its exceptional O-level program. Established in 1984, it has firmly established itself as a leading school in Pakistan. The school boasts a comprehensive curriculum and a highly accomplished faculty.

Additionally, Bloomfield Hall School is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities that provide students with a conducive learning environment.

The institution strongly emphasizes the importance of extracurricular activities and encourages students to actively participate in sports, music, drama, and more.

The faculty consists of exceptionally qualified teachers, while the infrastructure is contemporary and designed to facilitate holistic development.

The curriculum encompasses a wide range of subjects, including English, Mathematics, Sciences, Social Sciences, Pakistan Studies, Islamiat, and Urdu.

Contact Details

Address: 114 Gulberg Rd, Millat Colony

Phone: 04235764687

14. International School of Choueifat (Isc-Lahore)

The International School of Choueifat (ISC) in Lahore stands as the sole school managed by the esteemed SABIS Network, a leading organization specializing in international education management.

With its establishment dating back to 1992, this prestigious co-educational English-medium school offers a remarkable educational experience. ISC-Lahore proudly follows the meticulously crafted curriculum devised by the SABIS Network, renowned for its educational institutions in Germany and the United States.

At ISC-Lahore, the faculty’s focus extends beyond academics and enhancing students’ grades. They also strive to instill social values and foster the development of management and communication skills among the students.

The school promotes active participation in both sports and academic competitions, providing students with a well-rounded educational journey.

Throughout the academic year, ISC-Lahore hosts a variety of engaging events, including book fairs, charity fundraisers, educational expos, science quizzes, public speaking events, debate competitions, and spelling bees. These events further enrich the learning experience and promote a vibrant and stimulating school community.

Contact Details

Address: 662-G، 1 Abdul Haque Rd, Block G1 Block G 1 Phase 1 Johar Town

Phone: 04235300028

15. SICAS: (Smart School System)

SICAS (Smart School System) is a modern school in Lahore offering O-level programs. The school focuses on technology and innovation, using the latest teaching techniques to enhance the learning experience.

With a strong focus on technology and innovation, we leverage the latest teaching techniques to enhance your learning experience. The school also has a diverse student body and encourages students to participate in a variety of extra-curricular activities.

The school has a rich history and is known for its excellent academic standards. The faculty consists of highly qualified teachers and the infrastructure is state of the art. The curriculum includes English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Pakistani Studies, Islam and Urdu.

Contact Details

Address: Sector F DHA Phase 6

Phone: 04237338361

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