Bhutto Jr Advocates Broader Appreciation of Pakistan’s Beauty Beyond Hunza

Web DeskJanuary 11, 2024
Bhutto Jr Advocates Broader Appreciation of Pakistan's Beauty Beyond Hunza

In a thought-provoking narrative challenging the traditional portrayal of Pakistan’s beauty, activist and artist Zulfikar Ali Bhutto Jr, known for his advocacy on social issues, took to Instagram to showcase the diverse and often overlooked splendor that extends beyond the northern regions of the country.

Protesting the prevailing trend of influencers and content creators highlighting cold mountainous terrains in the north as the epitome of Pakistan’s natural beauty and tourism potential, Bhutto expressed his dissent on Instagram. In an overlaying text on his Insta Story, he remarked, “No offense to the creators of this video, but Pakistan does not exclusively mean Hunza!”

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Bhutto contended that Pakistan’s beauty is not confined to a few select places, particularly in the north. Through a series of Stories, he challenged the ingrained notion that the nation’s beauty is limited to specific regions. Bhutto shared pictures of natural wonders from across Sindh, Punjab, and Balochistan, including Mangho Pir in Karachi, Mithi in Tharparkar, and the Chenab river in Leyyah.

The visual artist emphasized the misconception that some Pakistani children, especially in Sindh, grow up believing that their regions are devoid of beauty and dismissed as desert wastelands. In a plea for a broader appreciation of Pakistan’s natural wonders, Bhutto urged a shift in perspective. He complained that many Pakistanis are taught that where they live is not beautiful, and the psychological impact of such beliefs has been devastating, leading to ecological toll and loss of natural habitats.

While on a quest to locate and share Pakistan’s other wonders not situated in the north, Bhutto shared a Story about the Karoonjhar mountains in the Tharparkar district. Drawing attention to the sandy, rocky hills rich in granite reserves, he requested his followers to share pictures of the region, expressing regret over losing his own photos from there and offering to share any contributions with due credit.

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