Bilawal Alleges Nawaz’s Political Machination in Sindh

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Bilawal Alleges Nawaz's Political Machination in Sindh

PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari launched a verbal attack on PML-N leader Nawaz Sharif, accusing him of seeking to establish a “puppet government” in Sindh, particularly in Karachi, to exploit the region’s resources. Bilawal warned against PML-N’s alleged plans to exploit the resource-rich Karoonjhar mountain in Tharparkar, stating that the people of Tharparkar would resist any attempts to do so. He accused PML-N of conspiring to create division and hatred, specifically in Mirpurkhas, and claimed that the party was preparing a rigging plan for the elections. Bilawal urged PPP supporters to stay at polling stations until Form-45 is provided and pledged to hold those responsible for any violence accountable.

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Bilawal emphasized that the people of Sindh had rejected politics based on ethnic division and animosity but warned against attempts to revive it by certain political interests. He requested party workers to remain vigilant during the elections and not to repeat past mistakes by announcing breaks in vote counting. He stressed the importance of PPP’s role in historic movements against dictators and criticized Nawaz Sharif’s inability to serve the people of Sindh during his three terms as Prime Minister.

Addressing the issue of independent candidates, Bilawal advised voters to understand that the upcoming polls were a direct contest between PPP and PML-N. He argued that votes cast for independent candidates would go to waste and urged people to vote for PPP’s electoral symbol, the arrow, to prevent Nawaz Sharif from becoming Prime Minister again.

Bilawal also made promises for Tharparkar’s development, including a railway link connecting Tharparkar to Karachi, addressing issues related to flood-affected people, and vowing to snatch lands from feudal lords if needed for housing projects. He challenged Nawaz Sharif’s claim of starting the Thar coal project and emphasized the PPP’s commitment to the region’s progress.

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