Blast near Israeli Embassy in Delhi

Web DeskDecember 27, 2023
Blast near Israeli Agency in Delhi

New Delhi – An explosion near the Israeli Embassy has raised significant concerns, prompting investigators to delve into its causes. Fortunately, no embassy staff members were injured during the incident, although authorities have sealed off the area for thorough inspections, prohibiting public access. Initial reports indicate no injuries among bystanders present nearby.

Heightened tensions stemming from Israel’s operations against Hamas in the Gaza Strip have placed Israeli missions worldwide on heightened alert. Confirming the occurrence, Israeli Embassy spokesperson Guy Nir disclosed that around 5:20 pm, an explosion rocked the vicinity of the embassy. Presently, local law enforcement and security teams are actively engaged in investigating the incident.

Despite an extensive search operation conducted three hours following the blast, officials involved in the investigation have reported no significant findings. This incident echoes a similar occurrence in January 2021 when a small explosive device detonated near the Israeli embassy in New Delhi, fortunately causing no casualties. During that previous incident, Israeli authorities classified the explosion as a terrorist act.

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The recent explosion near the embassy has exacerbated security concerns, leading to intensified scrutiny and proactive measures by authorities to ensure the safety of diplomatic missions amidst the prevailing tensions.

The investigation into this incident remains ongoing as officials continue to explore potential leads and motives behind the explosion, aiming to ascertain the full circumstances surrounding this alarming event.

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